Calcium Score Increased on Pauling Therapy

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Calcium Score Increased on Pauling Therapy

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Mon Nov 05, 2007 8:58 am

Hi Owen,
Thanks for this response. I just got results from the VAP Cholesterol test. I am taking Vitamin K (4000 mcg) and Vitamin D3 (2000) daily.

The results of the VAP are:
LDL - 116
HDL 64
Total VLDL-C 12
Total Choles. 192
Triglycerides 65
Targets of Therapy -
Non HDL Chol. (LDL + VLDL) 128
Probable Metabolic Syndrome No
ATP111 Emerging Risk Factors
LP(a) 9 (Their reference range says less than 10 is good)
Remnant Lipoprot. (IDL + VLDL3) 10 (they say less than 30)
LDL Density Pattern B (Abnormal)
HDL - 2 13 (low)
HDL - 3 51
Total HDL 64
VLDL1-2 (large bouyant) 4.9
VLDL3 (small remnant) 7
Total VLDL 11.9

C-Reactive Protein is 0.46 (low risk)
Homocystine P is 12 (reference range 0.0 - 15.0)

I'm assuming that my new cardiologist will want something like an echo stress test - with my calcium artery score of 216. The report says, "The presence of moderate non-obstructive coronary stenosis is highly likely." It was '0' in 1997. and 83 in 2004 when I
discovered Lp(a) and began Heart Technology.

I had an echo stress in 2004 which was normal.

It seems, from the blood test, that the Lp(a) is under control, but something else is going on. I eat, as a protein metabolic type, as per Dr. Mercola and have gotten leptin under control by eating according to Dr. Byron Richards Leptin Diet. Leptin serum blood level is :13.8.

Since May I have lost almost 15 pounds and have had little exercise due to 2 summers off of my feet from foot surgery. My blood glucose ## have always (records since 20 years ago), been around 100 - 110 - ranging to a high a few years ago of 120. The latest was 104. I did a 2 hour post prandial test a few weeks ago at the suggestion of my husband who is a physician and it was quite normal - 118.

I have just read about a product called [deleted], an oral chelation product. It claims to actually clear calcium from the arteries. Do you know anything about this? I realize it is a competing company, perhaps I need to have both?

As always, I appreciate your attention and caring.

Hi M.,

I'd like to know how you found out about [name deleted]. (I do know that they, unlike Tower, have a letter from the FTC about their advertising. I don't know of any science to back up their claims, do you? Their product is very expensive for 2 amino acids, and they tell customers you need to take "vitamin C and lysine" on the side, etc. So, I'm willing to keep an open mind, but the reason I know of them is because of customers who tried their product, and were not pleased, etc.

I'm looking for more on your Lp(a) - would you mind faxing the VAP results ? They usually break it down into 5 different categories, and it was a little hard to read from the email.

9 is better than 10 or above, but it is close to borderline. (For example, Atherotech measured my Lp(a) at 3) They try to account for difference in Lp(a) mass by converting the number of particles to the weight of an equivalent number of particles of standard LDL. So you get an idea of the # particles (because larger Lp(a) particles are thought to be less dangerous (less atherogenic) than smaller particles. A high mass score might not be as bad as a larger number of low mass Lp(a).

What is the total cholesterol number? 192? Close to optimal, and if you can increase your daily vitamin C (perhaps by adding a 500 mg ascorbic acid tablet every 4 hours) it will go to 180, the optimal :-) :lol:

Slightly elevated blood sugar, again, there is a competition for entry into cells through the membrane - and glucose wins. With the 30 minute half life of vitamin C, higher sugar levels and not conducive to optimal vitamin C uptake into cells.

See - avoid the unnatural fats, which has an unexpected effect of lowering blood sugar. Lower blood glucose makes smaller quantites of vitamin C more effective. What dosage of the Tower product are you taking??

The picture these numbers are painting is one of a very slight vitamin C "deficiency" (hard to believe, i know, but animals produce their ascorbate 24/7) I don't think anything to really worry about -does your husband the doctor??

Sounds good on the D3 - hope the vitamin K includes a good K2, looks like 150 MICRO grams of the good K2 can overcome the tendency to drop calcium in soft tissues.

p.s. had a thought - you should probably consider R-alpha lipoic acid
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Owen R. Fonorow, Orthomolecular Naturopath

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Follow-up rep-ort

Post Number:#2  Post by ofonorow » Mon Dec 03, 2007 6:56 am

Got results from tests the cardiologist Lp(a) was 20 - he's happy this is well below the reference range of 30. I'm off the niacin Now he's concerned because my homocysteine is elevated (12 - 13, I think.) I get plenty of folic acid with the HT Ascorsine 9 product. This
was his solution...My reading seems to indicate upping the amounts of B6 and B12 that I get to help this, too...???

Also, he wants the LDL total to be at 60 - 80 and I'm just around 100 now +/- a bit. He is suggesting Crestor (I told him no), but has me upping my current Red Yeast Rice dose to 2400mg a day - He feels this should work.

Anyhow, I told him that my Lp(a) numbers must be 'normal' because of the HT (vitamin C and Lysine) and he said he would do some more research into this.

If you have any other ideas about Homocysteine control, I'd be grateful. I already eat many leafy greens, have my leptin under control and eat according to my metabolic type (protein).

Thanks for your continued efforts to help me understand my health.

What are the units on the Lp(a)? 20 is high by my standards if mg/dl. (Very low if nmol/l)

You are smart about declining Crestor.

I don't see much different between the "red yeast rice" and synthetic statins - both are poisons that inhibit the body's production of cholesterol and Coq10. Forgive my memory, but what is your total vitamin C intake? And total cholesterol number?

With the optimal amount of vitamin C, your total cholesterol will "normalise" to 180 mg/dl. (Mine is now below 160 mg/dl - supposedly too low, but I feel fine. I haven't taken a prescription drug in 20 years :-)

I consider Homocystein another "symptom", an indicator that you do have issues, but I am impressed by the Pauling/Rath Unified Theory which cites early work pf McCully with guinea pigs showing homocystein rises in response to low vitamin C. (Remember, these animals are among the few without the capacity to make vitamin C) So again, I think optimizing (increasing) your vitamin C intake will also help resolve the HCsyt issue too.

If gas/diarrhea is an issue with taking more C, then consider 1 or 2 packets of lipospheric C (Lypo-C). This product is amazing, and we have some numbers that show it really does contain vitamin C! No tolerance issues and 100% bioavailable via liposomes. 1 gram/Packet is roughly equivalent to 4000 to 5000 mg of ordinary oral vitamin C.

I know I sound like a broken record, but from what you are telling me,
your vitamin C intake is low for what-ever reason.
Owen R. Fonorow, Orthomolecular Naturopath

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Ascorbate Wizard
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Post Number:#3  Post by ofonorow » Mon Dec 03, 2007 7:00 am

Lp(a) is 20 mg/dL - reference range they use is that it should be less than 30...Before HT I had numbers of 45 and 43.

I am taking 3 (2) scoop doses of Ascorsine 9 and as per your advise a few weeks ago, have tried to add 500mg of Vitamin C in between these, so that I am dosing approximately every 4 - 5 hours. I have no intestinal issues with this.

Homocysteine was listed as 15.20 umol/L (very high)

No problems with C-Reactive Protein

Total Cholesterol is 181, with LDL-C as 115; HDL=C as 59; Triglycerides 37

The problem is with the LDL-P - 2136 mnol/L and the Small LDL-P - 2124nmol/L

I have a small pattern B LDL Particle size (18.8) which the VAP test
also found and is a high risk factor for problems.

I am going to have real problems convincing both my husband and my doctor that I shouldn't be taking something to lower this LDL issue. My husband doesn't want to be a widow too soon - his statement:)!

What's your feeling about increasing Vit. B6 and/or B12 to help with homocysteine?

Thanks for the conversation and help.

You might have your B12 tested - many people have pernicous anemia, (loss of intrinsic factor - leading to an inability to absorb b12) and I know that a B12 patch works as well as shots. You get quite a bit of B6 in the Tower products.

180 mg/dl is exactly what tons of research predicts your total cholesterol will be on high-dose vitamin C. If your husband is worried about your continued existence, perhaps he hasn't read Pauling's HOW TO LIVE LONGER AND FEEL BETTER?

We can argue all day about the various ratios, but to my mind, it is all influenced by the fact that cholesterol-lowering drugs are a 20 billion/year "industry." The needle in the haystack is Lp(a) - a form of LDL, the sticky form, which Pauling/Rath focused on. I'm glad yours has been cut in half, but keep monitoring it, for the number I want to see is less than 5 mg/dl :-)

I can't remember, did I recommend a paper I wrote to give the other side of the story about cholesterol?
Owen R. Fonorow, Orthomolecular Naturopath

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