Another Lypo-C Beats Viral Infection(s) Anecdote (Cortisol!)

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Re: Another Lypo-C Beats Viral Infection(s) Anecdote (Cortis

Post Number:#151  Post by ofonorow » Tue Aug 28, 2012 8:57 am

Moving this "battle" to the archive...


Lypo-C was amazing, in that 5 Packets suppressed a raging infection, but my body was not able to keep it suppressed. The problem was that my adrenal production of cortisol became impaired, perhaps in part due to the stress of losing my business partner/brother - Mike Till a few months prior to the onset.

Now supplementing about 50% of the replacement cortisol dosage (4 mg of methy prednisolone) daily and after having my tonsils out - I am well again.

I am even playing tennis every day! (Before finding the Jefferies book on Cortisol, I had was wondering if I would be able to get around without a wheel chair, the Rhuematoid Arthritis symptoms were so bad!)
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