On PT since Oct 2017, CVD not reversing, diabetic

The discussion of the Linus Pauling vitamin C/lysine invention for chronic scurvy

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On PT since Oct 2017, CVD not reversing, diabetic

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Mon Apr 09, 2018 9:55 am

Correspondence #1
Hi again,

Not sure why I keep running out [of Cardio-C] before time for my re order!

I would like to move my order up again (haha, to yesterday!) and change it to 3 cannisters.

I will be out by Monday!!! Yikes. It hasn’t made much improvement in my condition but does seem to be holding me to at least a little more ability while my new cardiologist does his tests.

Thank you again,

Correspondence #2 after suggesting Cardio-C PAKS for a consistent serving size and asking for more details to post anonymously

Thank you. I would like to not change products…yet. Cardio-C is what I’ve been using.

As I read through the sites, I was wondering if one of the other formulas might be better…

I have a stress test this week. Other than that I know I have a fairly new murmur and when recently in hospital I overheard the nurse tell the dr I was moderately to sever blocked. She later told me I have aortic stenosis. No Dr. actually gave me any reports or dx which is why I had them discharge me (it’s a long story) and have now gone through my regular Dr to get referrals to a cardiologist.

I cannot walk more than a minute withour experiencing serious chest pain.

I have had diabetes for 54 years. I am now 60.

I take no medications.

I currently am using Cardio-C, Hawthorne berry mix and turmeric. If pain super seveer and no let up after 20 minutes I take 2 aspirin.

I really do not want to take medications or have surgery when possible.

Thank you,

I see from your history that you began Pauling's therapy during October 2017, and it looks like you may be taking 2 servings per day. Correct?

More than enough time to reverse the disease process. You have several "red flags" worth taking a look at, not the least of which is Diabetes. (If Type I you must be on insulin? You say you take no medications??) Tell us more about the diabetes because this is probably the key issue.

The "stenosis" is also a key, and probably indicates that you require Vitamin K (this vitamin acts like a hormone moving calcium from soft tissue into bone.) Here is the forum post on why it is important to add Vitamin K to the Pauling Therapy. http://www.vitaminc.foundation/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=11891

There are several potential issues for diabetics.

A) Elevated sugar levels can crowd out vitamin C entry into cells. How good is your blood sugar control? What is your dosage of vitamin C?

B) If you take vitamin C away from the time there is insulin in your blood, you may be wasting the vitamin C intake. Insulin is required for vitamin C to enter many cells.

As far as other products, yes the Tower Ascorsine-9 is recommended for you. It is a complete product, and at one time, A-9 even contained vitamin K! (But heart patients are advised to not take vitamin K, due to common medications, so Tower was forced to take it out.)

When I manned the phones, I used to recommend 1 jar of ascorsine-9, and 1 jar of heart technology monthly to reduce the cost otherwise (e.g. 2 A-9 monthly). Everything you require - plus Pauling's therapeutic dosages of vitamin C and lysine.

Taking A-9 will include important nutrients you don't get with Cardio-C, and in your case, you may need. (Cardio-C is for people already taking supplements, including their preferred forms of vitamin E, vitamin A, etc.) As you improve, the second jar could be Cardio-C. Its a matter of how many nutrients you require. Know the essence of the therapy is vitamin C and lysine. (Thank you Linus Pauling!)


#1 control blood sugar
#2 take (more) vitamin C when there is insulin in the blood (even plain vitamin C powder)
#3 upgrade to the more complete products, if you are not already taking the supplements they contain, e.g. Tower Ascorsine-9
#4 Start taking vitamin K. (I recommend one Super-K tablet daily from Life Extension LEF.ORG)
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Re: On PT since Oct 2017, CVD not reversing, diabetic

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Actually I take 3 scoops per day.


It sounds like I also need the A9. Would I take both each day?

Yes. Change one of the servings to A-9.

In my comments I was unclear…

I take insulin but no heart medications!

​ So Type I... first, don't take C unless you have just taken your rapid acting insulin. Waste.

​Second - you may consider a serving of PANACEA (or Livon Lyposhperic (liposomal) vitamin C) as a substitute for one of your 3 servings because this form can apparently enter cells without insulin​ ​ No lysine/proline - but the lack of C getting into your cells is the big issue (or add a serving of liposomal)​

I take vitamins. CoQ10, Omega3 combo. Tumeric (2 at each meal and bedtime and if needing to walk more than a short distance)

I just went back to taking E and K. I keep reading that I need K3 so I can look for that.

​ K3 is for cancer. People say K2, to avoid a clotting issue, but the ​Super K is a combo of K1 and K2 and it works. If you are not taking any heart meds, you can safely take K1.​

If one of the other products is better than I will change!

I'd say "more complete"​

My blood sugar is controlled and I only spike occasionally from (usually) eating out. I monitor it closely so if elevated I take additional insulin to bring it down. It was spiking with no logical reasons…but I discovered I had some expired insulin and corrected it.

​Again, liposomal should get vitamin C into cells without insulin. But I wouldn't go all liposomal.
Make sure you take vitamin C when there is insulin (so after or with food) This is probably the main issue. The other supplements/nutrients will be absorbed. Vitamin C and glucose are similar molecules and share the same transport into cells.

Lets talk about timing... In the blood, vitamin C in our products may peak as early as minute 3, and decline by minute 15. Rapid acting insulin may take half hour to rise. So take the insulin first, wait some time for blood levels to increase, then take vitamin c
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Re: On PT since Oct 2017, CVD not reversing, diabetic

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ofonorow wrote:Correspondence #1...

I want you to know CC is missing the p5p b6.
HT has it!

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