Tried PT, but suffered loose stools and worse. Can you help?

The discussion of the Linus Pauling vitamin C/lysine invention for chronic scurvy

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Tried PT, but suffered loose stools and worse. Can you help?

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Owen, can you send me information on protocol for cardio-C for cardiovascular disease. I want to give this another try. The last time I used this I got diarrhea and kind of gave up on it, do you have any suggestions for taking this on a sensitive stomach and enough to actually have an effect on my arteries. Kate

This forum devoted to Paulings Therapy for heart disease (here) is viewforum.php?f=11 This forum is a good start, as is my book, (now available on Kindle, and written after saying the same thing on the phone over and over and over...)

The specific post for starting is viewtopic.php?f=11&t=11577

The general site that was first established in 1996 with introductory information is

The basics are that one jar of any Pauling-therapy product (e.g. Heart Technology, Cardio-C) provides thirty servings and generally a preventive dosage (according to Linus Pauling) at one scoop per day.

2 or more jars provide the therapeutic dosage (2 servings per day) according to Linus Pauling during his lecture recorded on the Unified Theory video.

The diarrhea (Pauling pointed out the loose stools are not really diarrhea, not morbid) is we think because humans must eat out vitamin C (when most other species make it, and for them, the C goes directly into the blood stream). The GULO defect occurred within the past 3 million years, not enough time for evolution to make it easy for everyone to take that much vitamin C by mouth.

There are "tricks" to avoiding the "diarrhea" - such as putting the Cardio-C in a water bottle, and sipping SLOWLY throughout the day, slow enough to allow most of the Cardio-C to be absorbed through the intestines. (It is the vitamin C that is not absorbed, and reaches the rectum that causes the watery stools.)

If you still have a problem, the protocol is to start with a very low dosage, find the maximum dry powder (ascorbic acid) dosage that doesn't cause diarrhea, and then utilized a True-liposomal vitamin C for the rest of the dosage.
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