85-year old success story, but ? w/"skipping heartbeat"

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85-year old success story, but ? w/"skipping heartbeat"

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Thu Jan 26, 2012 5:04 am

Dear Owen.
I have been using the Cardio Vitamin C now for two years, ever since my stroke in May of 2009. I am now 85. I had almost no strength after the stroke and was using both coumadin and ameroderone to prevent an arrythmia and blood clot which would lead to another stroke. I had a catheter ablation some time before the stroke which was designed to prevent atrial fibrillation which I had a couple of times before and was treated with electrical shock.(This operation has had the lasting effect of making my respond rather slowly to increase demand on it) I had also a bout with a "flutter" which is somewhere between arrythmia and fibrillation. So with all this involved, I read Linus Paulings work on Vitam C and ordered your product which has done wonders for me. I gradually gained the strength in my heart to the point that this past year I have logged out 7 loads of timber from my property by myself with the minimal equipment that I have. That's over 21,000 board feet of wood. One thing I was left with after the stroke or as a result of too much ameroderone was a loss of balance. I have to be very careful in walking to keep my balance. It doesn't affect my strength at all. A neurologist pretty well verified that the ameroderone dosage was too great as it is a very potent drug. I have cut way down on it and have no arrythmia problem. In the past month I have developed a "skipping" beat in my pulse which I have noticed in the past. I checked it out "on line" and in a forum type URL I find that many people have this problem and are frustrated that the cardiologists have not solution to the problem. Many of them simply ignore it as of no consequence, but those experiencing find it very annoying. I read in one of "Dr. Donahue's" daily articles in the Eugene paper where a person had asked his opinion on the heart skipping a beat thing. His response was typical, that many have it without worrying, and added that many athletes experience it because their hearts are much stronger than normal so the heart doesn't have to beat regularly. That was news to me. So my question top you is - Have you had any experiences along this line with any for your vitamin CO users? Can the faithful use of the vitamin CO rebuild the heart to a place on strength where it might be strong enough to skip beats? I know the body is a wonderful creation and can do many things in ways for internal adjustments, many through the wandering vagus nerve system. I like to use herbs and homeopathic helps whenever possible. I have found Valerian restrains the skipping beat somewhat.
Have you ever had anyone cut down on their Vit C intake who found they didn't need so much? Is it possible to take too much? Dr. Paling seemed to think not as it appears he was taking 18 grams a day.
I would appreciate any input you might have along this line .
Al B.

Thank you for sharing this report!! As usual, a big thank you to Linus Pauling. Let bowel tolerance be your general guide as all the "relapses" we report in our book are people who thought they were cured and cut back or stopped their high vitamin C intake.
In my opinion, high vitamin C will extend life as long as human take it.

The issue of the "skipping heart beat" brings to mind the manganese issue. Look at the labels of everything you take (and remember your herbs probably contain manganese.) USDA recommends based on their swine experiments no more than 2 mg manganese daily. 20 mg will cause irregular heart beats, and you can give enough manganese to a pig and cause its heart to stop. Competes with magnesium, which the heart needs for a regular heart beat. So UP magnesium and LOWER manganese to no more than 2 mg.
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Re: 85-year old success story, but ? w/"skipping heartbeat"

Post Number:#2  Post by Johnwen » Fri Jan 27, 2012 5:29 am

First of all this is a great story and tribute to vitamin c and is a good example what lack of it can do to a person.
His major concern seems to be skipped heart beats and the first question that comes to mind is, “Has this been confirmed on a ecg that the heart does in fact stop for a period of time or does he sense this by taking his pulse (placing fingers on wrist) or by listening with a scope?”
Since his docs don’t seem overly concerned my thoughts go to PVC’s (premature ventricular contractions) which can give the impression of skipped beats when checking one’s pulse. This is because when a pvc presents there is no blood pumped out during the misfire and the next effective stroke is a filling stroke then the next stroke will exhibit a pulse. So as you can see it takes 3 or 4 cycles of the heart to get the pulse back on line. This gives the appearance that the heart has stopped it didn’t it just had to unconfuse it’s self and refill the pipes. PVC’s are common everyone has them during the course of the day. Standard is less then 100 in 24 hours is considered Normal.
Problems can arise when the ventricle contracts for a little bit longer then it should and the atrium contracts against a closed valve. This cause’s the blood to flow backwards towards the lungs. This can cause a cough. jaw pain, headache or what is known as a, “Cannon A wave.” This is a rapid strong pulsation in the neck or stomach area which is usually more pronounce in the laying position. It’s usually presented as, “something slapped them in the neck! Or a big object moved up their neck!”
What can he do?
First follow Owen’s advice, then check the list of items that interact with Ameroderone it’s quite extensive! Make sure he’s not taking any supplements or herbs that interact! Then make sure he’s drinking enough water 8 glasses a day! Then my favorites “Magnesium Potassium Aspartate”
Mag 100mg. Pot 99mg. One a day and Vitamin B1 25mg a day.
Continue Pauling protocol. If his problems continue talk to his doc about having a Holter monitor test done to see if they can spot what’s causing them. He can also try picking up a Half dozen Banana’s and eat one a day I’ve heard this has helped some people but I don’t have any personal experience with it! Can’t hurt!!!
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