Kidney Stones

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Kidney Stones

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Mon Aug 07, 2006 4:31 pm

From the email

Hi Owen

Your website is a real eye opener. I do have a question. While I used to take about 3,000 mg of ascorbic
acid a day, after I began to have problems with kidney stones I cut that out entirely, relying only on fruits and vegetables. I've been able to prevent the recurrence of kidney stones by eating more alkalinizing foods, and by taking phosphatidylcholine, magnesium citrate, and creatine monohydrate. (The creatine also improves my athletic performance--I'm 55 years old and do a lot of hiking.) But lately, I've been having problems with heart arhythmias, and would like to get on the Pauling therapy. I've learned that lysine, besides binding Lp(a), improves calcium utilization--which may help with my kidney stone issues. In any event, I'd like to take more Vitamin C, but don't want to acidify my system and form more kidney stones.

What form of Vittamin C would you suggest?

Thanks for your time.


G. K.
Eugene, Oregon

Good question. We have had kidney stone discussions previously, but it never hurts to examine this issue again. First in Dr. Cathcart's experience, none of his patients taking ascorbic acid have formed stones. So if indeed your vitamin C was the cause, and not a coincidence, then your experience is quite rare.

Have you read Pauling's How To Live Longer and Feel Better? As previously discussed, according to Pauling, stones don't form in pH neutral urine. If your urine is generally alkaline, then vitamin C as ascorbic acid can help prevent stones.

I'm guessing your urine is acidic. Pauling would recommend sodium ascorbate (or putting baking soda in your ascorbic acid) until your urine generally reads pH neutral.

Low vitamin B6 has been scientifically correlated with the formation of stones, but there is no general correlation between vitamin C intake and stones. Also, one reason Pauling recommended drinking a
lot of ordinary water is to reduce the liklihood of stones forming.

So the answer is sodium ascorbate, or, taking ascorbic acid, but add sodium bicarb until your urine pH is neutral.

By the way, if I had arhythmias I would increase magnesium (and make sure that the total of all manganese in all my supplements does not exceed 2 mg daily).

Owen R. Fonorow, Orthomolecular Naturopath

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