How often and how much Vit C to give past bowel tolerance?

This forum will focus on the interesting topic of titrating oral vitamin C intake to so-called bowel tolerance, the point just prior to the onset of diarrhea

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How often and how much Vit C to give past bowel tolerance?

Post Number:#1  Post by happygirl » Sat Oct 10, 2015 2:13 pm

My daughter started with symptoms of a cold two days ago. I decided to be aggressive with the usage of SA (gave her 5 gms of SA every half an hour or so) to treat her cold since she has a tendency to develop bronchitis fairly quickly after the initial symptoms of a cold. So the first day of symptoms, we reached BT by the night that day (around 25-27 gms). Next day her symptoms seemed to subside, so I decided to be a little less aggressive and gave her SA doses every 2-3 hours of so (3 gms each time), and she didn't reach BT even by the end of the day. Today she woke up with dry coughing (which sounded a bit like the start of wheezing) so I knew I had to be aggressive again with the SA (gave her 4 gms every hour or so). She reached BT by noon today.

Now I'm in a fix about how to continue dosing her for the rest of the day. She has already had 3 bouts of watery diarrhea since noon so she has clearly reached her BT. Yet her coughing hasn't reduced so I realize I still need to continue giving her the SA albeit a smaller dose. Once she has reached BT, how frequently and how much of the SA should I administer to her so that she continues to get the Vit C into her body but doesnt get diarrhea over and over? Or should I quit giving her the SA for the rest of the day (its only 4 pm here) so still 4-5 hours to go before her bedtime. I'm worried that if I stop giving her the SA, her coughing will turn to bronchitis and I will be forced to go to the doctor tomorrow (who I am sure will administer her antibiotics just like he did a couple weeks back when she had wheezing and I hadn't aggressively treated her with Vit C upto BT then). Any ideas on how often and how much to continue dose with the SA after bowel tolerance or should I just stop and start giving her the SA from tomorrow morning again?

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Re: How often and how much Vit C to give past bowel tolerance?

Post Number:#2  Post by soflsun » Wed Nov 04, 2015 12:10 am

I wish somebody had replied to did she end up doing? Did you continue the VC?

I think if I was in that predicament I would give smaller doses as much as possible. From my reading, you can handle more in smaller increments than larger doses at once. I would have given 1 gram per hour until bedtime or 500mg every 30 minutes.

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