How did VCF verify that Standard Process uses ascorbic acid?

What is vitamin C? Is there such a thing as a vitamin C complex? Why do so many people now believe in the complex?

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How did VCF verify that Standard Process uses ascorbic acid?

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Hi Owen,

I'm curious how "The Vitamin C Foundation verified that almost all Standard Process's vitamin C products do, in fact, use synthetic ascorbic acid." Their research is extraordinary and my M.D. that I buy through says your claim is unfounded. He asked me how, I didn't know what to say.



I went to their web site, and I looked at the supplement facts on their vitamin C products.

In fact, would love to see one of their products that uses a natural C. I haven't found one yet.

Quick search

Look at this" 100 mg - note other ingredients (ascorbic acid!)

quick search - note "other ingredients" includes ascorbic acid?
Ditto see other ingredients..

Okay here is one that says it contains vitamin C (17 mg !?!) and does not list ascorbic acid! I stand corrected

Owen R. Fonorow, Orthomolecular Naturopath

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