Subject: Natural C complex vs ascorbic acid effect on copper

What is vitamin C? Is there such a thing as a vitamin C complex? Why do so many people now believe in the complex?

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Subject: Natural C complex vs ascorbic acid effect on copper

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Summary: Enjoyed the posted article on this subject but have one serious concern. As your article mentioned some claim that the vitamin C complex also contains copper. Rumor has it that high doses of ascorbic acid can cause a copper deficiency. Copper deficiency has been found in majority of men with aortic aneurysms. I have an enlarged aorta, so you can see my concerns with taking high doses of ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid does indeed remove mercury so is it true that it could also remove essential copper? I am mercury toxic and would love to take more, but not if if it will cause an aneurysm.

Trusting your assertion that" copper deficiency has been found in a majority of men with aortic aneurysms," which seems odd, to say the least (i.e., that such people would have their copper status measured), this would not be unexpected,. Copper, like vitamin B6 and ascorbic acid are co-factors in the production of collagen. The deficiency of any of these three will lead to weakness in the arterial wall, but due to copper piping, most people are not deficient in copper. Usually our genetic defect-induced ascorbic acid deficiency is dominant, and the reason most people suffer cardio-vascular disease.

So if you are trying to prevent aneurysm - take vitamin C. Also take extra vitamin B6. If you are worried about your copper status, you can have a blood test from Life Extension (LEF.ORG) and if you are low, you could supplement copper, although I notice Dr. Levy recommends never supplementing copper on a recent video lecture.

I couldn't find the study directly related, but here is science showing that vitamin C (and vitamin E and vitamin B6) reduce aneurysms
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