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What is vitamin C? Is there such a thing as a vitamin C complex? Why do so many people now believe in the complex?

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Standard Process

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Fri Jul 25, 2008 6:24 am

This is a report of my encounter with a "naturopath" at my holist dentist yesterday.

Many readers may not be aware that the C-complex paper I wrote, most of it but not all, was published by the Townsend Letter several months ago. It causes quite a "stir" and led to a long-winded, emotional rebuttal by a "naturopath" that was also published by Townsend.

Yesterday, I visited my dentist, and I was happy to discover that she now follows the entire Huggins mercury-removal protocol - including the routine use of vitamin C IV drips when taking the mercury out! Her office is in Downer's Grove for any readers from Illinois. (One of her new assistants used to work for Hal Huggins.)

As chance would have it, a "naturopath" was also there, and the Dentist wanted me to talk to her. I was handed some material on "the vitamin C complex." Sigh. I was told this is material that all Naturopaths study these days. It is
published by Standard Process. And there isn't a lot of truth in it regarding vitamin C.

I really didn't want to get in a verbal argument with anyone in public, but I felt compelled to point out a few factual errors in the material about vitamin C , and as many gathered round the Naturopath and I duked it out verbally. Sigh..

The naturopath was obviously a good hearted person who believes entirely in standard process, she had no real arguments. I don't blame her and I wasn't trying to change her mind, but I did make most of the standard arguments that I made in the paper and at this forum (we didn't evolve to eat vitamin C, animals make it 24/7, and the form they make it in is the "natural" form to be in our blood stream, there is no definition or research on what constitutes the "Complex", and that hospital patients in comas can be kept alive indefinitely on products that contain ascorbic acid, and would soon die if deprived of ascorbic acit, etc. (She finally left without a word .)

This "natural Complex" material has the weight of Standard Process behind it, and no matter how well intentioned all these people are, it is certainly not helpful in propagating correct and health-bettering information about vitamin C. If we are going to stop this propagation of false or unverified information, we will have to convince the powers that be at Standard Process, and I fear they are of the mindset of the Naturopath I met yesterday.
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