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John MCdougall

Post Number:#1  Post by johnjackson » Wed Jun 12, 2019 7:53 am

I like this guy, he seems to be all about health and I'd expect him to adore Pauling Therapy

I like his anti cancer diet(which is low fat, explains why and lots of fruit/veg, little meat)

but why no meat? why no animal protein? Eggswhites are fat free and full of lysine/proline, so I wanted to know the logic..

My thoughts were because animals protein might raise IG-F1
but I went to a Mcdougall forum ... =1&t=59764

to find out....

here is my thread ... =1&t=59785

I asked why Mcdougall doesnt allow eggs, Dr Dean ornish does on his diet, so what;s the logic
was the response I got

why doest Mcdougall support vit C supplementation of vit k2?
First off, this is the McDougall Program, not the Ornish Program. Secondly, McDougall bases his recommendations on valid science. These other people you are listing and their recommendations are not to be trusted. There is absolutely no need to take supplements for health as you can get everything from plants, except B-12. Plus supplements are generally pissed out or even harmful to the body. So many studies show that supplementing with isolated vitamins and minerals has no effect

seems I have having trouble with my mouse,
but they told me, they no supplementation is needed

oh here

Re: Pauling therapy

Postby f1jim » Wed Jun 12, 2019 2:50 am
When a claim is made for a supplement the burden of proof is on the person making the claim. Show us the data where any nutrient stops heart disease. Show us the data that proves the efficacy of vitamin K supplementation.
These claims have been with us for decades and no real studies to back them up.
As Scott has pointed out, the data on most supplementation show negative results, not positive

my mouse is causing me issues and copying/pasing is very time consuming

but my last post asked for any evidence that vit C caused anything bad? and I used LOGIC to take grams of vit C
logic being
-other mamamals dont get heart attacks and make vit C
-collagen , 40% of whole body protein, requires vit C to be made(any biochemistry boook)
and I asked where is this evidence that vit C causes harm?

that post was deleted and I was banned..

that link to my thread shows I didnt break rules, but I did question them?

oh and they have a thread abotu why the US arny has such poor cardio health!!

that's here ... =1&t=59764

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