Dr. Nick Gonzalez: 4 Reasons Patients Routinely Die

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Dr. Nick Gonzalez: 4 Reasons Patients Routinely Die

Post Number:#1  Post by pamojja » Tue Sep 17, 2019 11:07 am

https://thegonzalezprotocol.com/four-re ... zalez-m-d/

First mistake: they panic.
The second mistake: Inability to make a decision.
Third mistake: The Myth of Authority.
fourth mistake: Myth of Credentials.

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Re: Dr. Nick Gonzalez: 4 Reasons Patients Routinely Die

Post Number:#3  Post by pamojja » Tue Oct 01, 2019 2:56 pm

An other 9 reasons why spontanious cancer remission patients survive, fitting in.

A Phd working in cancer-patient councelling came across a few stories of cancer survivors. Getting curious, she started to search the literature and found even 1000s of such case studies. Totally disappointed that nobody in these case-studies ever asked those successful patients, what they might have done differently. She set out to interview and study exactly that:

During the course of the study, Kelly identified more than seventy-five factors that cancer survivors said they used as a part of their healing journey. Nine of these factors were used by almost every one of them. They are as follows:

1. Radically change the diet
Let your food be your medicine, and medicine your food (Hippocrates)
- avoid sugar, meat, dairy products and processed foods
- eat lots of fruits and vegetables
- limit to organic food
- drink only filtered water

2. Take control of health
Action is the basic key to success (Pablo Picasso)
- actively participate
- be prepared for change
- resolve resistance

3. Follow your own intuition
In vital matters, the decision should come from the unconscious, somewhere from within (Sigmund Freud)
- listen to body signals
- activate the intuition
- find the right change

4. Take herbs and food supplements
The art of healing comes from nature and not from the physician (Paracelsus)
- help digestion: digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics
- boost the immune system: e.g. Vitamin C, other vitamins (B12, D3, K2), fish oil, trace elements, certain edible fungi, aloe vera; and hormones (melatonin)
- detoxify the body:
- antimycotics (eg olive leaf extract, celery, nettle)
- antiparasitic substances (eg wormwood, yellow root, black nut husks)
- antibacterial and antiviral (eg garlic, oregano oil, Pau d'Arco)
- liver detoxification (eg milk spotted dwarf, dandelion root, sweet tooth root)
- supplements alone is not enough

5. Release oppressed emotions
Anger is an acid which can cause much greater damage to the vessel in which it is stored than to what it pours (Mark Twain)
- disease is blockade
- what are suppressed emotions?
- stress and cancer
- anxiety and cancer
- the waterfall solution

6. Enhance positive emotions
The meaning of life is to be happy (Dalai Lama)
- what are positive emotions?
- what are the positive emotions in the body?
- happiness must be practiced daily
- but one does not have to be permanently happy

7. Allow social support
In poverty and misery, friends are the only refuge (Aristotle)
- experience love
- do not feel alone
- physical contact

8. Deepen the spiritual connection
This is the greatest mistake in the treatment of diseases: that there are doctors for the body and physicians for the soul, where both can not be separated (Plato)
- experience spirituality
- a third kind of love
- the relationship between the physical and the spiritual
- it is important to exercise regularly
- it is important to calm the mind

9. Have strong reasons for life
People say that it is the meaning of life that we all seek. I do not believe that this is what we are really looking for. I believe what we are looking for is an experience of being alive ... (Joseph Campbell)
- placing deep trust in one's inner being
- the mind directs the body
- find one's calling


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