Vaccination Is Steady, but Pertussis Is Surging

The discussion of how the Thomas E Levy book: Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious disease and toxins.

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Vaccination Is Steady, but Pertussis Is Surging

Post Number:#1  Post by rasarver » Tue Aug 17, 2010 3:50 am

"In the 1920s and ’30s, pertussis was a feared childhood killer, with an annual toll as high as 250,000 cases and 9,000 deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 2008 there were 13,000 cases, and health authorities say the actual figure may be far higher — 800,000 to 3.3 million a year — because reported cases reflect only those confirmed by testing, and many adult and adolescent cases go undiagnosed."
Still no recommended use of vitamin C. ... s-surging/ is an article in the NY Times. NY Times registration may be required to access the article.

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Re: Vaccination Is Steady, but Pertussis Is Surging

Post Number:#2  Post by ofonorow » Tue Aug 17, 2010 4:11 am

Thanks for this. It reminds me of the story Dr. Mayer Eisenstein told at the mercury seminar. Eisenstein ( mentioned in a talk last month that his "big name" professor in medical school had worked as the head of a United States health department, probably in the 1960s. This well-known professor had been able to determine while working for the U.S. ( using public health records/data) that vaccinations had virtually no affect in the avoidance of any major disease (on a public health scale). (The reasons are also detailed in Dolev's book.) The "big name" was fired from his government job after pointing this out, and became a professor of medicine at the University of Illinois. Eisenstein was not only impressed by this knowledge, but started a practice that does not vaccinate. He currently has some 30,000 patients (has treated over 75,000) and reported that there are no occurrences of Autism in his practice. (Apparently because of the laws requiring vaccination, Eisenstein attended law school, became and attorney and now a member of the Illinois Bar.)

p.s. I was hoping to find this story on his web site, e.g. (and it is probably in his book Don't Vaccinate Before you Educate) but so far no luck. Come to think of it, the DVD's of his talk will be available soon.
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Re: Vaccination Is Steady, but Pertussis Is Surging

Post Number:#3  Post by wendypape » Sat Mar 26, 2011 5:40 pm

Just wanted to mention myself, my then 3.5 yr old and my then 3 month old daughter came down with this 6 yrs ago. (my husband did not get it) It was bad! We aren't vaccinated but it's running rampant in the vax community too. I have also heard lately that they are calling some of it 'para' pertussis. Anyhow I knew my son had contracted it and everyone always says an exclusively breastfed healthy baby is protected. Well she wasn't. Despite all the research I didn't really undertand the disease, til I was knee deep in it. I thought alot of vitamin c, oil of oregano, some collodial silver and homeopathics would stop it. What I didn't realize is that most of the disease is the toxins being released after it has died (if I am remembering from my notes correctly). Anyhow, after 2 weeks, my dd and I caught it, it is quite something to have as an adult- I can only imagine how asthmatics feel. I was concerned about my ability to perform cpr on my 3 months old if I too was in a fit at the same time- so we went everywhere with my husband during the worst of the 2 weeks- the turning blue part for her! It wasn't until I met a woman from New Zealand who was willing to share with me and educate and encourage me to find sodium ascorbate (we started buying by the kilo) and it turned us around on a dime in 24 hours. Don't get me wrong, it really is 100 day cough but the worst of it was over 4 weeks (2 for my son and 2 for my dd and I) Of course looking back I STILL WASN'T using ENOUGH... probably only about 20 grams a day for me and 10-12 fo rmy son...I did a loading dose for the baby (she didn't tolerate the vitamin c well and cried so much) but I didn't have the experience then I do now and I was scared to give her anymore then what she received thru my breastmilk. I found alot of articles afterwards as I searched for answers- answers as to why we got it in the first place despite our 'holistic lifestyle' and why others we knew had it mildly. What I found was an article that said it was rare for a breastfed baby and mother to contract it unless their vitamin c level was dangerously low. There were other articles too and I lost them ALL when my old laptop crashed- I have not been able to locate them again despite trying desperately. I had avoidd citrus foods as well as anything that made my ''heartburn' worse during pregnancy as well as foods that made her cranky that she received thru my milk. Basic boring foods made her a happy baby ;-) Anyhow, I learned alot, it took us 6 months to reccover, I read Dr. Leo Gallands book, Dr. Lendon Smiths books etc. we had hair analysis done on all of us and were shocked at the high levels of arsenic and and aluminum as well very high lead levesl (my husbands are off the page). I had had 12 amalgam fillings through both of their prgnancies as well as I nursed them for several years. They were low in ziinc and selenium to name just a few. Most importantly was the vitamin c though!!! and I am so thankful for Hilary from New Zealand whoever you are for all her help and opening our eyes to vitamin c!

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