On standard Hep. C treatmnts. Wanting info on Vit C

The discussion of how the Thomas E Levy book: Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious disease and toxins.

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On standard Hep. C treatmnts. Wanting info on Vit C

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I have been through the New Hepatitis C treatment (pegasys, ribopak, and incivek). The doctors said this would get me into sustained-remission and eventually a cure, and the literate says this treatment is a "cure". But I have recently found out that this treatment only suppresses the virus and does not eliminate it from you system. I still have a chance to infect someone else.

I have been reading and hearing a lot about Vitamin C therapy. Would you recommend your treatment for me? my virus load is undetectable, so would a short period on IV Vitamin C be acceptable? I apologize if I sound scattered or incoherent. I am just a little nervous, again, about the situation. Would you contact me with some more information? Thank you so much



You might find Dr. Thomas Levy's book CURING THE INCURABLE: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases and Toxins helpful as Hepatitis is covered. livonbooks.com

From the original Klenner work (IV/C pioneer), around 400 mg per KG of body weight was sufficient dosage to eradicate most viruses, although sometimes 700-800 mg/Kg were used. This early work was with sodium ascorbate intraveneously (IV) or intramuscularly.
The Klenner CLINICAL GUIDE is now online and you can find information under dosages, See: http://www.seanet.com/~alexs/ascorbate/198x/smith-lh-clinical_guide_1988.htm

Not all vitamin C is apparently created equal. Today, the commercial vials for injection are a buffered ascorbic acid, and seem "mild" in comparison to the sodium ascorbate that Klenner and Cathcart used. (Instructions for how to make the proper sodium ascorbate can be found from links at this page:http://www.vitamincfoundation.org/ivc/ ) There are compounding pharmacies who will make sodium ascorbate for injection that is on par with the Cathcart/Klenner preparation.

As far as dosage to kill the Hep. C virus, it may depend a lot on body weight and other factors. We are in contact with some people who are taking as much as 200 g infusions IV. (By the way, experienced doctors know that it is a good idea to slow the last 25 g down - but this is a side issue.)

So a) dosage is key. Higher the better.
b) Get sodium ascorbate from a compounding pharmacist w/alt docs
prescription. e.g. TheCompounder.com Use it IV.
c) You can get the equivalent of 10 to 25 g IV using at least 5
packets of the Lypo-C livonlabs.com No needle or doc required!
You might do 5 to 10 packets at a time - say twice per day (12 hours apart)
for 10 days to 2 weeks.
d) Don't forget bowel tolerance amounts of ordinary vitamin C orally - See http://www.orthomed.com/titrate.htm

Hard to measure progress w/out a viral load, but there is no known toxic dose and you might wind up curing a few other problems you didn't know that you had!

Owen R. Fonorow, Orthomolecular Naturopath

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