Is IV/C Really That Easy?

Physician Reference and discussion of the methods, protocols and effects of intravenous vitamin C (versus oral or liposomal).

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Is IV/C Really That Easy?

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Mon Jan 30, 2017 7:30 am


I recently came across your site and find it fascinating. I suffer from a number of chronic infections and have received some vitamin c ivs in the past which certainly helped me.

What I really want to try is mixing up a cathcart style vitamin c iv at home. I have read through all the instructions and what is really worrying me is how simple it is. Basically mixing sodium ascorbate with water for injection in roughly equal quantities in a sterile environment and then mixing with saline iv solution. Am I missing something or is it really this easy?

What I am really worried about is the sodium ascorbate I use. Is the right one to use the one you approve on your website (ie Cathcart's Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C)? I noticed that 1g of that powder contains both sodium ascorbate as well as pure sodium (around 100mg). Is that a problem (ie the pure sodium) or is that just the way it comes in order to buffer it?

Regarding feedback, I have seen the vidoes on your site of Dr cathcart describing how to mix the iv. But what I think would be really valuable is a video of someone actually doing it ie mixing up from scratch as well as administering say a 50g cathcart iv.

Also while I have you on email I would like to ask, assuming I do a 50g cathcart iv daily, how many days in a row can I take one before it's basically too much?

Thanks for the very informative site.



First answer
Robert, the non-expert replying... but I know a bit and forwarded this to Owen, the actual expert, and he'll likely add something if he sees the need.

We are wary about speaking of IV vit c because we are not doctors, etc., ... but I'll bite.

The one difference with the protocol online is we found that one may probably use sterile water to mix with the SA (sodium ascorbate) instead of a saline mix (Ringer's solution) as too much sodium can cause an imbalance and problems... otherwise, it is pretty much that easy and Dr Cathcart thought it should be self sterilizing ... although we recommend having a pro around in some capacity just in case, as you are putting stuff directly into your veins and we don't want to cause any harm!

If someone is seriously compromised, they should start the drip slowly to see the body's reaction, as "herxheimer" reactions are known to occur at times... heck, it's likely a good idea to be cautious and start slowly, anyway.

Otherwise... yep, pretty much as described online... though I would also recommend paying a bit extra for the equipment, and making sure the supplier is reputable as I remember a couple ladies who poisoned themselves using cut rate IV bags from Iraq.. .though they took more pure v-c and were fine in the end.


Clarifying answer

The sodium from sodium ascorbate is listed separately on the label, but there is no extra/added sodium - only sodium ascorbate powder in our Quali-C sodium ascorbate.

And as Robert pointed out, there is enough sodium in sodium ascorbate to keep the solution suitable for IV - so we recommend sterile water (not saline).

And the microfilter is a good idea, cheap, and can prevent a lot of contaminants from entering the IV. Our doc pushes it through a syringe with the microfiler attached after he mixes, and he mixes from powder for each IV.

Finally, if I had infection, better than IV is our True-Liposomal (China-Free) Vitamin C product. No needles and while we don't completely understand the miraculous effects, it seems to work wonders against most infections. The protocol is something like 6 grams (servings), rest 3 hours, (another 3 grams), rest and another 3 grams - and the infections are usually over.

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Re: Is IV/C Really That Easy?

Post Number:#2  Post by Pianist » Thu Mar 23, 2017 11:34 am

What microfilter size should be used? 0.22 micron? 0.4 micron? 1 micron? As far as I know only 0.22 micron filters both bacteria and viruses. Is it big enough for home-prepared Sodium Ascorbate to pass through?

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Re: Is IV/C Really That Easy?

Post Number:#3  Post by jimmylesante » Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:52 am

Anyone on the microfilter query above. I'm also interested

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Re: Is IV/C Really That Easy?

Post Number:#4  Post by Isa » Tue Oct 30, 2018 6:13 pm

Hi all. I'm from India. My wife and I have been taking oral vitamin c but my wife has been diagnosed with epilepsy and and she is also on the autistic spectrum. She is on Lamotrigin 250mg and she is also on estradiol. We noticed that her liver is not using all the vitamins she has been taking. She had jaundice few years back and after that her liver can't handle too much load. I was thinking of giving her cathart's IV C with sodium ascorbate. I have a sodium ascorbate crystal powder by NOW with me. Is this a good C crystal powder? Could some one tell me how to mix them please? because we have only plastic IV bags here glass IV bottles are replaced by plastic bags in our country. Is there anything else I need to be careful when I start IV C? Any other suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

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