TeloYears versus Life Length Telomere Testing

Discussion of the 2009 Noble Prize in Medicine, focusing on substances that reduce telomere shortening by activating the human telomerase enzyme

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TeloYears versus Life Length Telomere Testing

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Tue Apr 11, 2017 9:43 am

Per .. we are quite disappointed that Life Length can measure and report telomere lengths (which vary from mean) and that are provably erroneous.

We are now comparing the new much less expensive Teloyears results with Life Length ($90 TY versus the Life Length: Was $500, now $300, + physicians fee).

Another important difference is that the Teloyears test is a finger prick and does not require a blood draw (saving an office/lab visist and at least another $50 per test.)

These blood draws were within days of each other.

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                           Life Length               Teloyears

me:                        Bio/Chron 63            Bio/Chron 63             Perfect Match

Male age 79                Bio 75/Chron 70         Bio 80/Chron 70        Both tests indicate short telomeres

Female age 50              Bio ??/Chron 50          Bio ??/Chron 50            Waiting for test result
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