My Turn: Dartmouth science, Chinese billionaires and Tolkien’s elves

Discussion of the 2009 Noble Prize in Medicine, focusing on substances that reduce telomere shortening by activating the human telomerase enzyme

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My Turn: Dartmouth science, Chinese billionaires and Tolkien’s elves

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Okay, don’t call them drugs (unless you want to have the FDA lock them away for 19 years), but wholesome natural nutrients. Nicotinamide riboside raises the level of NAD+ in human cells. This leads to sirtuins doing lots of things that I can’t cover in an op-ed. But the result is that the cells, like American voters, become confused into thinking that they are in an environment low on resources and opportunities. They regenerate their mitochondria, reduce their self-destructive behavior and try to outlive what they think is a crisis.

The U.S. company that makes nicotinamide riboside, Chromadex, has recently expanded into China with funding from Chinese billionaires Li Ka-Shing and Solia Chau. Their scientific advisers include Dr. Charles Brenner, former associate director for basic sciences at Norris Cotton Cancer Center.

They have completed a Phase 2 study on the health effects of NR, and it will be published in a peer-reviewed journal at the usual pace of 21st-century science (which is 10 months – 10 months to get something from one computer in a lab to another in the web server of a “journal” – the same time it took to publish information 30 years ago).

Anyway, soon we’ll know something about metabolic interventions in human aging.
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