What else should I put in my DIY vitamin C skin serum?

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What else should I put in my DIY vitamin C skin serum?

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Sun Apr 15, 2018 8:40 am

I love your C! Now it just makes it easier to take in the capsule form. I never get a stomach ache from it. I may end up buying some more of it.

Still working with perfecting my vitamin C skin serum with it. Basically purified water, vegetable glycerin and vitamin C powder.

Can you think of anything else to add to this? Would any oil prevent the C from working? Or binding up the C?

We used to have "training" youtube videos on making your own DIY vitamin C skin serum at the forum, but they have apparently been pruned... Do you have some favorite instructional videos we could use to repost? (And yes, our vitamin C, as the world's finest, is a popular ingredient in DIY skin serums)

We have collected a bunch of "news" why Vitamin C is a must in any skin rejuvenation skin serum that is still at our forum,

But here is the basic problem, and why we never came out with a product ourselves: Vitamin C degrades by 1/2 in water in 4 hours. (It is then stable at 50% for a few days.) This is why you will notice a few "smart" companies are now keeping the vitamin C powder dry, and mixing with everything else just before the first application. Still, only good for a few days.

The other option is to add twice as much Vitamin C as the DIY formula calls for - so you can get the vitamin C levels you expect for a few days.

Now, other than we are busy - about to bring down the more corrupt portions of Big Pharma he he he you think I'm kidding... We are getting set to introduce our own anti-aging, rejuvenation Vitamin-C based skin serum, and the vitamin C will last! And it will contain all the ingredients that in our judgement are necessary. Later, a higher-end cream will then contain EVERYTHING that promotes skin rejuvenation and anti-aging. (Or we may come out with the high-end first, so we don't get buried in orders)

The secret is that the Vitamin C Foundation Approved vitamin C will be contained (99% encapsulated) in special liposomes - nanometer sized lipid particles that will preserve the vitamin almost indefinitely. Stay tuned!

Ps to friendly forum members. If you have your favorite DIY vit c skin serum youtube videos, please post links. Thx
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