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Follow #OWENRFONOROW on Twitter and help change the world

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Mon Apr 23, 2018 10:04 pm

If you follow me, I may survive... Last I looked, about 6 people had "signed up.". Doesn't anyone in alt med know how to use twitter? Are you all so terrified of being hacked on an electronic device? Get your KIDS TO DO IT.. .The act of merely following #OWENRFONOROW means something, especially as the followers grow.. Following gets noticed.. You don't have to do anything else..

But you could also tell your own personal story.

Install twitter. Create you login. Search for #OWENRFONOROW at twitter. Nothing else be done. No need to tweet.. unless you are having fun..

Now your are following instructions... Following Owen.. all is well (You can delete the app later next week)

But you want to tell your personal story. Why not. You tweet on your own tweets - and they appear because you are following me.

Also you can tweet on other tweets but I just stopped taking my cortisol, its late and my body finally wants to sleep.

for example, say you have a typical story.. facing heart surgery, said wait a minute, this is Linus Pauling after all. Anyway after your following OWENRFONOROW, you can tweet your own stories into a hopefully very interesting swarms.

If you are afraid to use your public handle, the create a new temporary login which you can throw away next week. Maybe VCF_Happy_Customer

I look forward to well wishes (tweets) after this is over an I am recouping until August..

IMPORTANT. First, Please don't share links to this forum or web site. Simply share the #OWENRFONOROW (with the middle R) If you see Obi Wan, it is the correct tweet to follow. We cannot tolerate the probable load.. and this site (.ORG) will go down.. So we just created another site, that only YOU readers will know about. Think of it as a read-only site, but the forum should be working


Do please please share the twitter link #OWENRFONOROW

Here is some sample verbiage to share with your own social networks.

A great friend of Alternative Medicine and Rationale Thinking, the founder of the Vitamin C Foundation nonprofit, could use our prayers. Owen R Fonorow is facing major surgery to remove a large infected abdominal hernia mesh. Please support Owen and send wishes of support by following #OWENRFONOROW on twitter.

Owen is a US Air Force Academy graduate and former Member of the Technical Staff at Bell Laboratories who has long been recommending a natural treatment for heart disease invented by the late Nobel prize winning scientist Linus Pauling.

NOTE: you will have to follow me on #OWENRFONOROW @ Twitter to see the actual surgery date... And monitor the surgery,

A surgery that probably will contain the tweet the first time an IV/C from a USA hospital starts flowing into a patient's veins...

You may want to share this :D

I wanted OWENRFONOROW to be used to monitor real-time whether I live or die during the surgery. EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON WHETHER I CAN SECURE A GOOD SAFE SOURCE OF HYDROCORTISONE.. Believe it or not, I HAVE NOT YET.. So maybe I am supposed to DIE so that everyone else can learn about Cortisol/Hydrocortisone

When I created my Twitter account last night, I tried to import my gmail contact list - literally everyone who has been helped by Linus Pauling, but it was TOO LARGE. Maybe someone can help me import all my contacts? I'd like the people who are always thanking me to know about this and have the opportunity to follow me - and I guess, give me some encouragement should I survive and in recovery.. Hey, that would be neat...

I once teased the FDA that attacking the Tiny Vitamin C Foundation was a big mistake, and that we would take them down... he he he (I knew they were monitoring what we were doing after they attacked us with that Letter in 2017)...

I am not sure if this is teasing any more... The Tiny Vitamin C Foundation is mad, and we aren't going to take it any more. We are poised to not only take down the FDA, but ALL Alphabet agencies, restore the Federal constitutional republic, eliminate the Federal Reserve (in favor of a computer program) and not only take down the "evil" parts of Big Pharma, but drain the swamp of the foreign bankers who have been steeling the wages of hard working American workers since FDR and the 1940s..

If you think all this is coming from the Earth... Go back to smoking your DOPE... Watching the media... And reality TV

So the following is an email I sent to our company employees last night - (And yes, my employees all think I am nuts, my Endro even gave me a paper showing that "Psychosis" is a side effect of high steroid use... he he he... That's when I figured it out, all you have to do in any paper is delete all the paragraphs in any paper that mention any other steroid that is NOT hydrocortisone. If the paragraph mentions prednisone, methyl prednisilone, or "glutocorticoids" then X it out. Delete any paragraph with prednisone in it - and the remaining paper is useful.

Did I mention that you can take cortisol like I have as hydrocortisone and stay up practically for two (make that 3) weeks and have a super brain?

he he he he Now the following is an internal corporate memo that we are making public to the world... Free to copy

Why Medical Doctors Are So F$!#$d!

I am maturing myself during all this (thank you Steve) and it just occurred to me that our best employees, ALL our employees (except for me) do not have college degrees!!! (At least mine was in computer science, so the nutrition part of my brain wasn't Fucked by higher education.)

Our new company policy is going to be to explicitly NOT hire people with college or advanced degrees. We don't want people with Fucked minds working for us... Get ready, get set, here we go..

Lets start with Jerry. (If you did get a B.S. - keep it to yourself Jerry. I don't think you have a degree right? I know you worked for a statistics department, and that probably fucked you up..). Jerry Nowlin, X-US Marine by the way, was/is the best, most capable, hard working, diligent computer programmer I knew at Bell Laboratories. It is my memory that he never earned a degree. This created a HUGE chip on his shoulder -- to out perform all the M.S. and PhDs at Bell Labs... Not only is Jerry the only the 2nd person in the world who can keep up with my emails, he can generate even more! And the story of how he got screwed (because he is a US citizen, not a French citizen) just before his expected retirement will be in my 3rd book...

Lets move to the great Nancy O... We only have her because no one would hire her – why? Because she didn't have a college degree!!! She is one of the most competent people I know and runs our business side. (I think the story is she couldn't get hired by Kohls department store because she didn't have the degree... lucky for us. (She had some college unfortunately, because that is where she met her husband Greg, and we are working diligently to remove that ole college brainwashing.) Nancy helps run the business side of our business, almost single handed. She has and does run the business side of her husband's (x-bell lab) business, for many many years. She does his books, has done other's books. She was a diamond in the rough. She is very bright, more than competent, honest, the definition of a gem. She literally replaced my brother Steve – the CPA who used to take care of the business side of our vitamin C companies.. Steve used to tell me monthly what my salary was... Based on what was going on in our business... I never gave the 'business side' a second thought... those were the days.

I don't want to embarrass the youngsters.. But our high-level management now (besides me), attended some college, however, they do not have a official 4-year degrees. YEAH, They do have trade school and associates degrees.. Specialized trade degrees.. They focused on a trade. I don't mind that at all. Less chance to plant the propaganda. BUT NEITHER GRADUATED! The badge of Honor.

My brother Robert is close to having gone to the Dark Side.. .He is (2) foreign language courses away from his B.S. at the University of Arizona. Although he promised our Mom on her death bed that he'd finish, DON'T DO IT ROB. We'd have to fire you and you are doing such a wonderful outstanding customer support job. Stay un-fucked.. (It is interesting that the most “retraining” I have had to do has been to reeducate Robert – prior preconceptions about doctors, health and medicine, etc.. Now, the customer calls do all the reeducation that is needed. Rob has learned from our customers.)

And this reminds me that SOMEONE will be assigned the task of contacting the Proctor Gamble heir FOSTER GAMBLE, who created the THRIVE Movie and THRIVE movement.. ASAP, because FOSTER should probably be with us next week – Gamble/Thrive has covered all the 200 deaths of Alternative Doctors (assassinations) , by interviewing Erin Elizabeth (health nut and Joe Mercola's significant other)… I predict that we ALL, as a company, will be in a theater soon watching the Thrive Movie – together. One segment will be replayed over and over, the segment where it clearly explains how higher education has been used to create “robots” that are afraid to question what is going on in the world.

Ideally, this viewing will occur in the White House theater, with Mr. Gamble – and Trump present – watching THRIVE with us. (Homework, watch the THRIVE film on youtube... ) Erin if you get this, can you forward this email to Foster..

More homework, watch the FREEDOM TO FASCISM. documentary. Same guy (Aroon Russo?) who directed Tootsie..

Note, the producer Russo died shortly after making the FTF 2-hour documentary, that I used to show my students when I taught Linux.

But I digress...

I was going to allow the staff and employees to vote, but the new Inteligent*Vitamin*C company policy will be that using any mind altering substance, even alcohol, will be cause for termination. Our brains will be clear.. (Aside, you can still have fun at parties.. My dad Milton never consumed a drop of alcohol. Never. But at a party, he'd grab a near bear, or appear to take a real drink, (but never take a real sip) and pretend to be so drunk he could hardly walk.. it was funny and he had a lot more fun than the people who were really drunk.) And you will find (and share) calming substitutes for Alcohol... such as teas or whatever.

THIS IS A DONE DEAL You work for us – you are as dry as a monk. (Be glad we are not requiring celibacy). This is because when we are on the front-lawn of the white house, we will make it known that to work for us, Inteligent*Vitamin*C, our employees know they face termination if they consume any mind altering substance... You get a DUI – your fired. (Update: We will make exceptions if you have a doctors prescription.)

We will also make it known, that we don't hire people who have college degrees, except in very special circumstances .. (there may be exceptions for writers/editors, etc.).

At the white house ceremony, we will proceed to explain the THRIVE theory, and why this means that all MEDICAL DOCTORS ARE REALLY FUCKED UP. (Inteligent will accept new employees with degrees, who are prior military with Military Academy Graduates... The Owen Fonorow exception..) Remember, I have never been Fucked up by getting a degree in Nutrition – my degree was in War and Computer Science. Anybody who thinks that I cannot think for myself, lets talk. (And my ability to think for myself was entirely fostered by my Dad – Milton Fonorow... Thank you dad!)

So what about poor Jeff, why is he bothering to enter the Dark Side and get a series of degrees in Nutrition? Well for one reason, most people still think degrees are a good thing, and if something does happen to me, he will step in and become me at the Foundation/Forum. But Jeff KNOWS the nutrition material he will be taught is generally garbage.. Mostly errors of omission.. I will be privately tutoring him “on the side” in the real science of Nutrition.. And if it simply gets to be too much – to know the truth, but to test for the course – we may just drop his degree program, train him ourselves, and give him our DEGREE. A real high-level degree in nutrition based on truth, science and the American way. In fact, that is what I envision as Jeff's ultimate position for us, after he becomes the leading Naturopathic Physician (ND) in the United States – Establishing and heading our Academy of Orthomolecular Nutrition where we train Orthomolecular Naturopaths (N.D.s) – where we provide real education.

Another counter thought.. We need to work on the press release regarding my being the first IV/C in a major us hospital...

As this grows, we WILL HAVE A MILITARY division.. Staffed ONLY by former US military.. Hopefully run by retired Seals and Delta.. Officers can have degrees, but must be Military Academy Graduate Degrees. All will be vetted. This division will initially focus on the military applications of taking cortisol at night.... (They may even provide us with a few body guards...)

Welfare division - manned by disabled American veterans - exclusively

We teased the FDA by posting on our forum/web site that the "Tiny Vitamin C Foundation was going to take the FDA down." (after they attacked us, we knew they were monitoring/reading our web site. ) The evil in the FDA did take a chance by sticking their heads out going after vitamin C.. It was a risk, but when CONQUER started curing cancer with 3 bottles, we couldn't be tolerated. The FDA-ad campaign was a cagey, roping us in with some real frauds.. And although I tried to deliberately provoke them, I sounded like the megalomaniac nut who says vitamin C can cure heart disease... What else is new? I love being a nut. Pauling liked being a Quack. It is a badge of honor.

If you think that was megalomaniacial, sit tight... Ripley, would you believe.. I am (we are) going to announce that the Tiny Vitamin C foundation is about to take down Big Pharma and Drain the wealthy overseas banking families, the Rothchilds, the Rockerfellers, the others whose names (Illuminati?) that the THRIVE movement identified as the real evil in the world.. he he he (And these banking families know how to remote view and remote control.. topic for another time.) Am I only teasing this time?

The “how” will have to remain a secret, for the time being (After all the Feds do have death squads.. e.g. The feds, and NOT osama bin landen – a pawn yes – brought down the Towers during 9/11.. but again, I digress..... )

Soon, Marianne's brother should be able to double all our employee take home pay – perfectly legally - by the next tax return due date. Without Inteligent having to give you a raise. Hint – you have been lying on your previous tax returns when you swore you were a tax payer.. Government was happy that you volunteered to pay taxes you did not owe..(.-)

This taxpayer versus not a taxpayer principle will be what takes everything down, restores the constitutional government our founders expected, and leads to the downfall of the Federal Reserve and the overseas bankers they feed. (By the way, thank you Milton Friedman – this Nobel prize winning economist told us that the federal reserve can be replaced by a simple computer program that computes interest rates. Promotes growth and prevents inflation.)

Welfare when Social Security/Medicare collapses

So when there is no money for all the Federal alphabet agencies, social security and welfare will collapse. We have to be ready.. And we are already starting to plan for this... There will be panic that only an immediate private welfare non profit can help stifle.. Immediate money. .But since we'll have the wealth that would have gone to the Rothchilds... he he he.. No problema.. I can't say who will be heading this – because she is on complete disability and welfare and not allowed to work.. Issue moot when the system collapse and she, a former commodities trader who was poisoned by a vaccine (probably a weaponized batch.. meant for the kids in Africa) will emerge.. Again, her story in book 4 or 5

Cortisol production Division

Even superman is getting drained writing all the nutty stuff.. As I said, I know not where it comes from..

The huge major effort that allows the above to happen is getting everyone, at least every American, a supply of cortisol (and vitamin C).. I've gone through a lot to be “taught” this – information contrary to every fucked up Medical Doctor's education and understanding. (I've learned the definition of pain and suffering, and REALLY did almost die a week ago Sunday..) So we need the capacity, and then the ability, to send every American a months supply (3 g daily) of vitamin C and (10 mg daily) of cortisol.

HOMEWORK: ... an-genius/
This means 300 million “shipments” with 30 days of doses inside. (Sounds like a job for Trump)

Or maybe we supply churches.. make people go to church to get their vitamin C and cortisol.. hmm

Then we need the way to train people (maybe we'll commandeer Glenn Becks networks temporarily... Fox news?? Heck, it will be CNN.. We'll be able to buy it.. They will have no more big pharma revenues.)

The monthly delivery will have to be a deal with the US post office.. Every carrier will drop the C/Cortisol off. (Its the production and supply... Hopefully this isn't as “over night” as it could be. Although, heart disease could be over in about a week.)

In summary, we are set to “take over the world” but our companies will only hire people who agree not to take brain altering substances – ever, and who do not have their minds fucked with a college degree.

he he he

These are the two basic requirements for new Inteligent*Vitamin*C hires.

Another Rule: X-USA-military will always have high priority for hiring, especially if they don't have a college degree.

So one percent of one half percent of THIS comes to pass in our life time.. What a life

Then What? After Everything is Just and in Perfect Harmony

I worry that we are on this planet to suffer and struggle. To learn how to love as Christ taught, so that our newly enlightened souls can enter “eternal life” and do it all again.. at a higher level.. Earth has been a training ground.. After suffering, you finally learn that if you love someone, like Christ loved humanity, that nothing that “someone” does can hurt you.. It really means that to love someone means that you are willing to give your life for that person – as Christ did for humanity.. I want our employees to love each other. I must love and be willing to give my life for our employees, for example.. Not a big deal, because A) I'm old and B) thanks to Steve, I know this isn't the end.

So what happens when there are no more struggles? (I have an idea...But that has to wait for the 6th book )

Superman over and out.

Damn it – Tweeting. So if you don't start following #OWENRFONOROW on Twitter, I know you didn't read this far so you don't get the promised raise trying to stay up with my Great Flood of emails.

I want everyone in the company to start following me on Twitter – before I suggest the same thing on the forum and then, the world – so people (everyone we have helped in the past), who wants to, can monitor the angels who will be operating on me next week. Should be fun as twitter notices.. who the hell is Fonorow?)

Somebody will be tweeting my status changes during the surgery, when the IV/C is put in, etc. etc. Good pictures of the infected mesh – which will be framed and put up on my wall (Sorry Marianne)

That's all folks.. Feel free to pass to friends and family and share...
Owen R. Fonorow, Orthomolecular Naturopath

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