A cure for Lyme Disease?

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A cure for Lyme Disease?

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Fri Jun 15, 2018 2:42 pm

Picked up a 2004 issue of the Townsend Letter and found an article by Morton Walker indicating that a from of Cats Claw called Samento - provides quick relief of Lyme Disease symptoms, He wrote that dark field microscope verified that fewer and fewer of the Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) spirochete were present in the blood after continued treatment.

Perhaps Lyme patients know this, but if not, it sounds like something to research.


Samento - The TOA free form of cat’s claw (Samento)

A pilot study treated 28 patients with Advanced Chronic Lyme Disease with TOA-free Uncaria tomentosa (cat’s claw). Conventional cat’s claw contains TOA alkaloids that interfere with the desired immune modulation. The 14 person control group was given antibiotic therapy. At the study’s termination 85 % of those receiving the cat’s claw preparation no longer had positive blood tests for Bb. All 28 persons had experienced a dramatic improvement in their clinical condition. No significant changes were seen in the control group.
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Re: A cure for Lyme Disease?

Post Number:#2  Post by BrightSideOfLife » Fri Jun 29, 2018 12:51 am

The rain tree site themselves sells Cats Claw and disputes what the company who claims to sell TOA free Cats Claw says. It looks more like marketing to extract profit more than anything else. Stephen Harod Buhner is quite a wellknown herbalist who has has written a number of books and he also desputes what that TOA free seller claims. I have one of Stephen Harod Buhners books called Herbal Antibiotics and he has also written one on Lyme treatment. I would respect him more than some company attempting to extract a high profit from vulnerable and desperate people.

BTW Copper 1 is also meant to be quite effective against Lyme and Spirochetes. That is a copper which is present in foods rather than copper 2 which is present in supplements. Purchasing the product is very expensive. The actual dose of copper is quite low at up to 0.5mg/cap.
The video makes some claims about people dying, which are said to be false by some sites. The people who died are claimed to be connected in some way to nagalase (N-acetyl- Galactosaminidase) which is claimed to be present in vacines. I will leave that for you to decide on whether it is just paranoia or whether there is any truth to it.

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