Vitamin and colitis

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Vitamin and colitis

Post Number:#1  Post by Joanna45 » Fri Aug 10, 2018 7:36 am

Does anyone here have any reports on Vitamin C helping colitis..not for me but for a friend who has just gotten out of the hospital..
Thanks for any info

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Re: Vitamin and colitis

Post Number:#2  Post by ofonorow » Sun Oct 07, 2018 8:06 am

Why would vitamin C be "anti inflammatory"?

My bias is that in people taking ordinary small amounts of vitamin C, their adrenals are compromised leading to inadequate endogenous production of the main Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory hormone cortisol. Often taking more vitamin C leads to secondary effects.

But when there is an unexplained inflammation anywhere, it tells me that their own cortisol is probably too low. The older they are, the more likely this is, etc. And if they are not taking any steroids or hydrocortisone, then there is a home saliva test (ZRT) that can be used to determine if low-cortisol is the issue.

If it is, Houston we may have a problem, i.e., getting a doctor to prescribe the BIOIDENTICAL version of the cortisol hormone - hydrocortisone. The medical profession has been brainwashed against this simple, natural solution. I have noticed, but have not had time to research, that the FDA allowed low dosages of hydrocortisone to be sold "over the counter", so it may be possible to achieve Dr. William Mck Jefferies'suggested maintenance dosages (Safe Uses of Cortizol, 3rd Edition) without a prescription.
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Re: Vitamin and colitis

Post Number:#3  Post by eDOC » Sun Oct 07, 2018 6:06 pm

Common Owen, you're just like me......DMSO, CsCl and Stem cell for every thing.
Bioidentical Hydro for Colitis.......sounds pretty ridiculous to me.
Tomorrow you'd recommend it for Gastritis, Cholecystitis, or even a headache.
This person require oral/DMSO infusions.



My advice, IF you want these boards/forums alive and active, create more sections about other products and modalities, besides VC, other wise I feel they are boring and dead!

Its all about VC, Pauling, Rath etc........nothing new.
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