Rescinding $1000/error offer

The discussion of advanced medical knowledge now channeled through the Medical Medium Anthony William. This knowledge amounts to perfect Naturopathy. Knowing what causes chronic and other disease, the followers of Linus Pauling extend Naturopathy with human-based nutritional science Pauling called orthomolecular (right molecules) in therapeutic amounts.

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Rescinding $1000/error offer

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Sat May 30, 2020 10:28 am

The first four Medical Medium texts are superb in that I couldn't find even a grammatical error, and the material is entirely consistent.

I did find what could be one error in the fifth book Celery Juice. (At the time I attributed to what could be my own misunderstanding).

And I am half way through the just released sixth book, CLEANSE TO HEAL, which is a handbook how one would apply all the knowledge from the previous five books to rid the body of viruses (and other pathogens) and heavy metals and poisons. Again, internally consistent, but so far I have found 4 "grammatical" errors, minor spelling, missing word "not,", etc. (I note that on one video, William mentions that writing this book was the most difficult thing he has ever done, and that it almost killed him...)

We at this forum know that so-called medical science has gone off track, in the sense that anything that competes with Big Pharma's profits is ignored or suppressed. At the same time, keeping the medical profession believing that what they practice is based on "real" science. Quite a trick. As far as the material in the MM books, I do see that if the material is true, how a mind beyond ours could be frustrated enough to decide to provide us with a light in the darkness.

The ends are important, and again, in my case, religiously following a celery juice protocol (nothing eaten 60 minutes prior or 30 minutes after) did apparently restart my adrenal production of cortisol, after nothing else I tried had any effect. Spoiler. ALL cleanses begin the day with a hydration phase, followed by celery juice. As Pauling might say, its "miraculous."
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Re: Rescinding $1000/error offer

Post Number:#2  Post by togian » Thu Jun 11, 2020 9:45 am

ofonorow wrote:... restart my adrenal production of cortisol, after nothing else I tried had any effect.

Sorry, it's a bit OT (not very much about AW), but I do not know where else to put it:
I got my adrenals wrecked due to undetected lyme. I went from working 60 hours a week to a full blown addison crisis (= not being able to to walk 2 steps anymore because of being so exhausted but looking like I came from a holiday- because my skin looked so tanned).
That was 10 years ago.

Thanks to high dose vitamin C + salt (I had to take it regularly every day multiple times) + loads of other supplements I was functioning fairly normal the last 10 years. So I guess my adrenals somewhat regenerated (on a rather low level).
Then I found out about high dose iodine (dr. brownstein) - and it made such an overall difference - my energy was so much better (I healed my adrenals, no more auto immune condition, I healed my ovaries - no more cysts ...). But I had to take even more salt to keep me (my adrenals) functioning at my personal best.

Then I discovered adrenal extract. I tried different brands/different parts of the adrenals (whole adrenal, adrenal cortex only a.s.o.). Unfortunately it did not work for me. I either got really nervous/jittery or extremely exhausted or both.

To make a long story short: then I found peptides.
Peptides are small amino acid chains that work like a specific key activating a specific lock. So depending on the specific peptide it should repair/rejuvenate the matching specific organ.
In my case I used Glandokort. Basically it should be like an adrenal extract, stripped off the specific adrenal hormones. So it works - at least for me - differently.

Back to Glandokort: I do not get tired/jittery taking it and it is the first time I feel it really started healing my adrenals.
Usually one takes a 1 month course, then a brake of 3-6 month. Then another one month course.
I took it for 1 month and it was - for me - amazing. My whole day structure changed.
Usually it was best for me to get up at 10 a.m. Then at about 3 p.m. I would experience an "energy breakdown" (really tired/hardly able to do anything). Before using iodine I had no way around 3 p.m. to make myself going. Due to iodine I could push myself through this "lazy hour".
Usually at 5-6 p.m. I started to "wake up". In the evenings I was feeling the best/most energized (so typical when the adrenals do not work properly).
I know it can get even worse (no energy 24/7) - so I was glad to at least be highly functional in the evenings.

After taking Glandokort for about 2-3 weeks, I started waking up early (6-8 a.m. - dependig on when I went to bed) + I was really functional at that time of the day).
Next thing I noticed - I did not notice it was 3 p.m. (summertime, or in my case 2 p.m. winter time). One day I looked at my watch, realizing that I had worked concentrated and very productive from 2 p.m. till 4:30 p.m (without the need to).
After long days out (shopping, being "on the run" all day, or an excursion with my kid and his friends) I came home and still was able to cook, do house chores and even do work where I had to concentrate - without even thinking about it/without having to push me.

But I could not stop taking the peptides after 1 month (after a couple of days off, I felt the benefits fade away). So I took it another month and that seemed to do the trick.
Now I am in my 3rd month break. I still use it on days with a lot of stress (maybe twice am month on avarege). Just in case...
And I will do a "refresh" course soon (maybe in moth 5 or 6).

Only my electrolyte balance still is not the way it should be (I still have to take additional salt, when I experience stress. And I still use a lot of salt in my food). But I do not have to take additional salt every day a couple times any more (as I had to do the past years).

There are a couple companies meanwhile producing peptides. I saw e.g. "my real way" has also peptides for the adrenals and they are cheaper. (I can't tell if they have the same benefits as the ones I used. After my many failed attempts using adrenal extracts I am bit reluctant to change "a winning team", so I haven't tried other ones yet).

Finally I get back to AW: celery has a lot sodium (the "salt aspect"). So this could be one of the "secret ingredients" that helps your adrenals function better.
Second: his "diet" is high on easy to use sugar - this also pushes the adrenals through the day. That might be the second "secret ingredient".
Third: iodine is needed by all glands. Thus this is really helping your adrenals to heal.
Sodium + idoine help you to produce more stomach acid. Iodine is needed for most enzymes. So from that side food is digested better and thus your body gets more vitamins and minerals.
I think you basically will see, if healing took place once you cut down on your sodium and sugar intake. If you stay stable, healing took place.

I read all AWs books and what I am missing most is an adequate intake of amino acids. We are made of amino acids and fats and we need them to maintain our health. While I was researching his infos, I met many who said his infos helped them tremendously to heal. Others experienced quite the opposite (often they got worse after a couple of month - I suppose the first couple of weeks/month the body broke down broken amino acid and reused it - that is what happens while fasting. And after that, when it runs out of "repair material", people start experiencing a worsening or new symptoms). And all inbetween (I do not think there is a "one size fits all").
What I found really spooky, was that those not doing good with his lifestyle tipps, usually were banned quickly from various face book groups/message boards. I would keep that in the back of my mind following his tips.

As to errors in his books: I found a couple ones I thought were really harmful in the german books (e.g. recommending l-arginin instead of l-lysine for herpes.) But I do not know if this was just due to some translation errors or not.
As for proteins... I think their importance is underestimated in the books. One lady I know who is "doing AW" takes proteinshakes additionally every day (at the beginning she felt great doing AW. Then she got more and more tired and felt stiffer, started to catch infections. And finally she started to take proteinshakes and now she is stable for I guess at least a couple month. I will have to contact her and ask her how she is doing today).

(If it is too much OT in this thread, feel free to move it to another thread).

Which ever way you choose:
Good luck healing your adrenals!

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