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This private forum is devoted to Vitamin C and other nontoxic treatment for cancer. You must be a registered member of the Vitamin C Foundation forum to view the private cancer section. If you can log in to the forum, but cannot access the cancer forums, you should email Owen.

First, I (Owen) think of vitamin C as a low-power cancer approach. All cancer patients should try to take up at least 10 grams orally (daily) and this amount can stave off much misery, while 30 grams per day is even better. (In early reports cancer patients could take hundreds of grams orally and completely halt cancer progression.) See Early Case Report of Huge Oral Vitamin C Doses

Both Chemo and Radiation are aimed at rapidly dividing malignancies. The long term threat, so called Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs(, divide slower, and usually survive chemo/radiation. The new science shows that sufficient vitamin C can kill these CSCs - - but that too little vitamin C, less than 1000 mg daily, actually promotes their growth. See our Cancer pages for more information Oncologists may advise you to stop vitamin C prior to chemo, which is understandable, they are ignorant of vitamins, but cancer patients who take massive, (usually IV/C) AFTER their chemotherapy do much better. (Cancer expert Ralph Moss in his book ANTIOXIDANTS AGAINST CANCER has shown that most chemo is MORE effective in conjunction with vitamins C and E.)

There are adjuncts, such as Maitake D'Fraction, that vastly increase the power of vitamin C to fight cancers. Conventional research has shown that together, Vitamin C and D'Fraction, kill over 90% of the cancers in test tubes. . We incorporated Mushroom Wisdom D'Fraction into a liposomal vitamin C product called Conquer.
Original Townsend Letter article
Order Conquer online

The documentary CANCER CAN BE KILLED on Netflix is a must see, and the doctor Huber mentioned in Phoenix is the one person in the USA who I would contact ASAP... I believe she does phone consults...


Vitamin C is not the only natural and non-toxic treatment for cancer. For new cancer patients looking for help and unwilling to submit themselves to toxic chemicals and radiation, we strongly recommend Ty Bollinger's book CANCER - STEP OUT SIDE THE BOX as the best way to cut through the millions of web sites that exist about cancer. You can purchase the book at Ty's web site, and all cancer patients should begin by viewing the second hour of Ty's documentary

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then videos must be worth more. Here is our collection of video lectures by experts in intravenous vitamin C for treating cancer. (These videos are in the public domain and anyone can view them)

Owen's Cancer protocol can be found and is updated as necessary.

Our discussion of the Cesium Chloride (high pH) treatment of cancer is based on a member's experience treating cancer patients with cesium chloride
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