Micronutrient Value in Heart Failure/Maximum Tolerable Limit

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Micronutrient Value in Heart Failure/Maximum Tolerable Limit

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Tue Dec 13, 2005 9:06 am

The recent UK/German study
Micronutrients boost life quality for elderly with heart failure
described at
http://www.nutraingredients.com/news/ng ... rt-failure

is very good news and makes several interesting points.

Dr Klaus Witte wrote:<b>Supplements containing vitamins and other micronutrients can improve heart function and quality of life in elderly patients with chronic heart failure, claims a joint British-German study. </b>

1. The author is quoted as saying, "Our study is unique because it is the first to look at patients with heart failure with a combination of micronutrients. "

Consider that it is almost the year 2006, and this is the first study to ever investigate a combination of micronutrients in heart failure?! Amazing, almost beyond belief.

2. The author goes on to say, "All minerals were given in doses less than the recommended daily intake (RDI). The doses of vitamins were in excess of the RDI, but never greater than the upper safe limit for total daily intake."

This illustrates why the drug companies are pushing so hard for the "upper safe limits." These completely arbitrary limits restrict orthodox researchers from using the amount of vitamin C that might demonstrate better results. (How do we know this maxium limit is arbitrary - because the authors admit that this is the first study of a combination of micronutrients in heart failure. How could such a limit be objectively set if micronutrients are not being rigorously studied?!?
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Re: Micronutrient Value in Heart Failure/Maximum Tolerable Limit

Post Number:#2  Post by djnzlab1 » Thu Feb 21, 2008 5:25 pm

I am new around here, but I have seen considerable discussion about Statins and BP drugs lowering CQ 10 and the increase in morbidity of patients Both groups of meds are widely prescribed to elderly patients without any regards for supplements.
Another vital co-enzyme depleted by medication worsening symptoms and even fatal outcomes. :roll:

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Re: Micronutrient Value in Heart Failure/Maximum Tolerable Limit

Post Number:#3  Post by Daniel D » Wed Oct 22, 2008 2:35 am

The orthodox medical establishment has a few believes, which makes it very hard to explore the benefits of a combination of several ingredient in one pill.
There is the claim, that fore one disease / symptom only one active agent at a time has to be studied or your findings would be wrong or not credible.
For traditional pharmaceuticals this is not a big burden, as in most cases only single chemical agents are used and are far easier be patented.

Another similar claim is, that you need large studies with several hundred or thousand participants. Bot is false and i think that monetary influence, corruption or selective sponsoring may have lead to those believes.
As very convincingly explained in the book "Ascorbat" from S. Hickey those believes and practices have no scientific base.

Apart from that, there are studies which proof, that only taking a multivitamin pill will decrease total mortality rates in older people. Even the AMA has published the result of one of those studies and have not denied it. But they refuse to draw any conclusion form such knowledge. So i don`t expect any credibility regarding macromolecular medicine from official sources.

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