New China-Free CELLg8 Liposomal Product FREE - For A short time


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New China-Free CELLg8 Liposomal Product FREE - For A short time

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Sun Mar 12, 2023 11:18 am

We now have the latest in what we are told is the best liposomal delivery technology - the liposomes are bonded to material in capsules, and bloom into full liposomes in the GI-Tract.

Product description

When comparing a “normal” Vitamin C ingestion (dose of 4g) to a Liposomal Vitamin C (also 4g), it’s evident that our CELLg8® Liposomal Delivery System provides much greater circulating Vitamin C concentrations. With increased efficacy, oxidative stress was reduced even during the increased oxidative stress of reperfusion, resulting in meaningful Vitamin C concentration. As CELLg8® has entered the 8th and final generation, our Liposomal Vitamin C had a peak particle size of 8nm, with 92% of the particles being between 60 and 172nm. This tight distribution is indicative of the reproducible and highly controlled manufacturing methodology of CELLg8® Liposomes.

Inteligent's PANACEA PRO CAPS CELL68 liposomes encapsulate the world's finest China-free vitamin C (Quali-C®) as L-ascorbic Acid.

We trust the people we are working with - they have impeccable reputations - but as a former president is famous for saying, "Trust, but verify."

With True liquid liposomes such as Livon Lab's Lypospheric or our PANACEA liposomal vitamin C, the results have been "almost miraculous."

See Queens forum post:

Simon from the UK: wrote:China-free Lipo vitamin C (PANACEA) is ... an amazing product!!!!!!!!

We already have 22 testimonies of curing/healing various illnesses within 4-8 hours. Illnesses such as tonsillitis, viral sore throat, coughs, colds, uvulitis, lowering type 2 diabetes blood sugar count etc, etc.

Typical dosages for infection are 6 servings to start, then 3 servings every 3 hours for 6 to 9 hours

- Simon S (United Kingdom)

These CELLg8* liposomes are supposed to be perhaps doubly as potent as their liquid brethren, which Dr. Levy feels can be 5 to 10 times as effective clinically (for acute infection) as the same amount of vitamin C intravenously.

Owen himself, his wife with Parkinson's, and 3 other foundation members with various chronic illnesses (two with serious dental infections) have just started taking the product. Owen started at one pill daily, and has worked himself up to six pills at one time (to match Simon's protocol for acute infections). We've been told the product is designed to be taken on an empty stomach, and thirst dictates that one should stay hydrated.

It would make Owen feel a lot better to experience the same kind of "miraculous" experiences with the new CELLg8 capsules, both for acute and chronic infections. Owen's company is willing to offer a free jar to others willing to self-test and provide feedback, preferably to people who now rely on large amounts of liquid PANACEA for maintaining good health.

Call us at 800-894-9025 (between 9 am and 9 pm EST) if you would like to help us evaluate the new PANACEA PRO CAPS Cellg8 Liposomal vitamin C.
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