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NEW: Medical Medium Inspired Orthomolecular Naturopathy Forum

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Wed Jan 14, 2015 8:11 am

A rather remarkable development has been brought to my attention.

A friend of the Foundation is seriously ill. She has various conditions, all rare and unusual. At this point, she cannot even tolerate much oral vitamin C.

Her nurse asked her, Why not try to get a consult with Anthony William?


Because the nurse was conventional, our Friend was not all that interested and put the advise "on the list" of things to do. When she finally got around to reading MEDICAL MEDIUM by Anthony William, her entire life turned into trying to contact him for a "reading." (Apparently the size of his current following make individual readings impossible, thus the books.)

She asked me to read the book, which I did (almost). I had to start Liver Rescue before finishing Medical Medium, and then I had to start Thyroid before finishing either of the first 2. We are creating the Institute of Orthomolecular Naturopathy - simply to "certify" people who read these books. Naturopaths will not have to know how anything works, just what works, to help people, e.g. that a species of Pear can kill E. Coli. Orthomolecularlists, now knowing the CAUSE of various disease, can apply tools not mentioned by Anthony, Natural, but in doses far outside what is found in nature, such as Vitamin C, DMSO and perhaps electric therapy.

Reading perfect and truthful body and nutritional information in such a clear and straightforward way is, well, miraculous as Linus Pauling would say. Joy.

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