Vitamin K2 High Dose

The discussion of the Linus Pauling vitamin C/lysine invention for chronic scurvy

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Vitamin K2 High Dose

Post Number:#1  Post by DiverDown2 » Thu Nov 19, 2020 10:00 am

Life Extension just came out with Mega Vitamin K2 Mk-4
High Potency for Strong Bones
45000 mcg (45 mg)
Is this too much?

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Re: Vitamin K2 High Dose

Post Number:#2  Post by pamojja » Thu Nov 19, 2020 12:54 pm

DiverDown2 wrote:45000 mcg (45 mg)
Is this too much?

In chapter 10 of his book 'How to longer and and Feel Better' Linus Pauling talks about bio-chemical individuality. If you would have read you would know that each individuals needs of individual nutrients are highly different.

Therefore there isn't any right answer. Even if I tolerate any certain nutrient at a certain amount at any point in time, the next moment it might be too little or too much already.

Only experimenting, ideally by starting with lowest amounts, increasing gradually over weeks, months and years - while monitoring symptoms and comprehensive lab-testing can give guidance. For adjusting accordingly.

If you ask about toxicity, there has never been any found with vitamin K. Not even as high as 800 mg/d for 5 months:

There have been published accounts of super high intakes of vitamin K, with no toxic effect. A 39 year old male deliberately ingested a superwarfarin product. To counteract the dose, he was given 200 milligrams a day of vitamin K1 for five months without any adverse effects (Sheen et al, 1994).

In 2003, a young man was brought to the emergency room after eating four boxes of brodifacoum, a lethal vitamin K antagonist, over four days, plus pieces of glass. He was treated for both the glass and the poisoning, for which they gave him 300 milligrams of vitamin K1 a day. 28 days after discharge he returned, as he had not maintained the vitamin K1 intake. During the second treatment, his vitamin K1 dosage was increased to 800 milligrams a day. At a five month follow-up he was doing well.

Recently, an article was published discussing the differential diagnosis of rat poisoning and treatment in two separate cases. In one case the patient had taken a long-acting rat poison. He was given 75 milligrams of vitamin K1, twice a day for over four months so as to stabilize his coagulation system and restore it to relative normality. In the second case, a woman was treated with 100 milligrams of vitamin K daily for 2 days, which restored her coagulation function. In a general discussion of treatment options, it was recommended to administer vitamin K at doses of 50 milligrams a day or higher intravenously, and then shifting to oral doses of 100 milligrams a day, for three to six months, and sometimes for more than a year (Schulman & Furie, 2014). The highest reported dose has been 400 milligrams daily (Spahr et al, 2007).

In Japan 45 mg/d of K2-mk4 is routinely given as prescription medication agains osteoperosis.

Also of probable interest to you:

This site has accumulated virtually the whole of K vitamin research.

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