Planning on an advanced blood panel every 120 days

The discussion of the Linus Pauling vitamin C/lysine invention for chronic scurvy

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Planning on an advanced blood panel every 120 days

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Thu Feb 18, 2021 10:47 am

Hello ,

I’m interested in the auto ship of 2 containers monthly. In October 2019, and acting independently, I underwent a cardiac calcium score. My score at that time was 0,0,0, 26. The calcium score of 26 is located in the Left Anterior Descending artery. My long time friend,[deleted] t brought the independent risk of LP(a) to my attention. She also introduced me to Pauling’s Formula. My LP(a) score is 133. While I realize you are not able to prescribe, my question lies with your observations on the use of this product. I’m thinking of using my first jar - 1 scoop daily in order to forego stomach issues. Beginning month two I will go to a therapeutic dosage. I’m planning on an advanced blood panel every 120 days. I’ll probably return for the calcium score in October 2022. My hope is the calcium deposit will have cleared; the artery repaired through vitamin C therapy. Once I see the LP(a) below 20 I’ll return to a daily single maintenance dose. I’d be interested in your opinion on my thoughts.

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As a broad strategy, what you are planning makes sense, Make sure the Lp(a) score is measured, not computed.

You should know what we think we have learned about calcium, (hard calcified deposits on soft tissues e.g. arteries), that the Pauling Therapy, (e.g. vitamin C, Lysine and proline) per se, will not significantly change a calcium score.

The key to reducing calcium in soft tissues is vitamin K - either taking supplemental vitamin K, or better yet, avoiding the "blood thinner" drugs (e.g. Warafin) that work by blocking the action of vitamin K.

This post in a thread about vitamin K at our forum tells the story of our awakening.
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Re: Planning on an advanced blood panel every 120 days

Post Number:#2  Post by Lemon Planet » Fri Feb 19, 2021 12:05 pm

I have been taking the LEF Super K for several years and am glad to see good results for eliminating arterial calcium deposits. I have been thinking about the Mega K after being mentioned by pamojja.

The calcium problem can be affected by both Vitamin K and magnesium. I have been taking 400mg magnesium glycinate and 1/2 tsp of magnesium chloride per day to increase my magnesium and might start taking even more. Remember the magnesium is also a strong laxative in some forms so the protocol needs to be adjusted for convenience.

The calcium deposits can go beyond arterial deposits and be a problem with kidneys, joints, tendons and muscles for example. Here is some good information by Mark Sircus:

Massive magnesium deficiencies in the general population have led to a tidal wave of sudden coronary deaths, diabetes, strokes and cancer.

And this by Thomas E. Levy here:

What can be done to lower elevated intracellular calcium levels? Arguably the single best answer to this question is magnesium. Magnesium has long been regarded as a natural, or orthomolecular, calcium channel blocker. Calcium enters cells through defined calcium channels, and agents that can block these channels will reliably reduce intracellular levels of calcium.

Edit: Just ordered the Koncentrated K supplement. This is much more potent than the Super K and there is a lot of good information there:
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