42 year old with hyperlipidemia

The discussion of the Linus Pauling vitamin C/lysine invention for chronic scurvy

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42 year old with hyperlipidemia

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Hi Owen,

I have been taking vitamin c and lysine for almost a year. I buy them from Swanson.com for price reasons. I started at 5,000 mg of both in January. My cholesterol was 412 to start. After approximately three months it was 361. I increased the vitamin c to 8,000 mg and kept the lysine at 5,000 mg. After several months of that, my cholesterol was 312. All of these tests were by fingerstick at Sam’s club.

I increased my vitamin c to 12,000 mg (I generally took 10-12 mgs per day due to forgetting at times). Lysine stayed at 5,000 mg. I just took blood work from a lab and was terribly disappointed. My hdl was 37 (actually a little higher than normal for me). My total was 385 (hdl + ldl + 20% triglycerides). My triglycerides have always been fine.

I am a 42 year old man. Have a significant family history of hyperlipidemia. I have had adverse events from statins including foggy thinking, heavy legs/thighs, significant muscle aches and pains, and flu like symptoms. I have taken statins since I was around 10 years old. My diet is not good but not terrible. However, with Crestor and other statins, and the same diet, my cholesterol went down to 180 or 190.

I am at a crossroad of whether to continue the Pauling Therapy. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance,

You are taking Co-Q10 - correct?

The other important question is what is your measured Lp(a)? That number reveals your risk for heart events better than any other indicator (other than low serum vitamin C and vitamin E)

Assuming your Lp(a) is quite elevated, then the Pauling/Rath invention of Lp(a) inhibitors is even more important to keep your vascular system as healthy as possible, i.e., they prevent excessive plaque build-up. (And don't forget vitamin K daily)

Lets say your genetics are such that your cholesterol is elevated, even if there isn't some kind of "fire" your body is trying to put out. (Elevated cholesterol in most people is a symptom of either heart disease or toxicity). Yes statin-cholesterol drugs treat this symptom wonderfully, they will reduce cholesterol, but what if the cholesterol is elevated for a reason? To protect you?

It is possible that due to genetic malfunction you require statins, hopefully in the lowest dose possible. (But the biggest problem with statins is that they inhibit endogenous CoQ10 production which leads to cardiomyopathy and organ failure without CoQ10 supplementation.)

But my wife's cholesterol is presently 300 mg/dl. Do you know the symptom of high cholesterol? Feeling good.

We just had a scare, but her heart and vascular system were found to be excellent, nuclear stress testing.. Just posted

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Re: 42 year old with hyperlipidemia

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