new hip, NO VITAMIN C

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new hip, NO VITAMIN C

Post Number:#1  Post by stevewoodz99 » Fri Apr 08, 2022 3:40 am

My mom, 74, new hip surgery
(her 2nd the first was 2001)
after her surgery, she was told NO VITAMIN C
given some pain pills and some other stuff(fizzy water+pills)

when forced to take, she barfed

pre and post opp, took most of the 8 hours, surgery was 45 minutes at most

she got home, and got back on gel vit C and pills ( I wasnt able to be with her, mostly cause of my own ankle issues)
but Ive had my parents taking vit C, MG, Lysine./proline and k2 and other stuff(fasting/one meal a day) for many years
so she is bmi 23-25

nurse came to check on her, no swelling, no issues at all healing nicely

Im bothered she was told NO vitamin C after the surgery
I am bothered my parents listened
I am thinking she is doing so well due to the vit C
I am glad I am on this board
thanks yall

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Re: new hip, NO VITAMIN C

Post Number:#2  Post by stevewoodz99 » Sat May 28, 2022 4:41 am


It's been 7 week since the new hip
Orthopod said, see ya in a year or so
home nurses/PT were impressed with how fast she healed and how nice everything healed up
my mom, 74, is better then ever
walking with no pain and no hitch in her gait
it's been years since she was able to walk so well, 5-7 years

I have her on 5+grams of vit Cm, 2-4 grams proline/lysine
koncentrated K(25mg k2)
vit d(10K IU)

note: she had breast cancer in 2008,. Pauling Therapy really made her hair come back, and i just need her to start going to the gym(lift weights)

My whole family takes several grams vit C daily, no one get sick and no one had covid, my sister has covid antibodies(she has 3 kids under 12) but no one has ever been sick
we all have the boosters

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