factors in speed of iv vit c drip

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factors in speed of iv vit c drip

Post Number:#1  Post by norvern » Wed Mar 18, 2020 3:13 pm

with no medical training, i am at a loss to work out why my wife's 500ml iv drip sometimes finishes fine after two or two and a half hours

and others, like tonight, is still going, 4 hours in

is it the size of vein i have chosen, position of the needle therein, gauge of needle (mine 23), style giving set. my wife's low blood pressure, blood too thin/thick.........
and on and on i imagine

so, what would you recommend/have you done to speed iv vit c up when it is going too slow???
(per previous thread, using ringers has stopped the pain in vein so i can quicken)

4 hours in, i have discovered that if she moves her arm around a bit and then rests, the drip goes quicker, then slows after a minute, move arm again, rest it, and drip goes faster again.. would this be the butterfly needle is not secure enough and so moving around in vein??


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Re: factors in speed of iv vit c drip

Post Number:#2  Post by jimmylesante » Fri Mar 20, 2020 4:19 pm

Well there are a number of things-lets start with the bag to giving set where the filter may be getting clogged up if you made a home brew?
Then the position of the arm/hand may occlude the cannula/vein/needle especially when people read or pronate forearm or flex elbow.
Then there is the dreaded valve-found in veins and can keep closing on the needle/cannula slowing the rate down.
Of course with a small 23g you may have actually gone through the vein and it is slowly dripping into the area around it?
Hard to tell without actually being there.

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