Vitamin C IV & Vitamin K3 IV (Menadione) - Apatone Therapy

Physician Reference and discussion of the methods, protocols and effects of intravenous vitamin C (versus oral or liposomal).

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Vitamin C IV & Vitamin K3 IV (Menadione) - Apatone Therapy

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Vitamin C & K3 the ability of vitamin C to generate hydrogen peroxide in tumors hinges on the presence of catalysts that can transfer electrons from the vitamin C to oxygen molecules, generating an unstable compound superoxide which rapidly converts to the hydrogen peroxide that possesses cancer-killing properties. One well-known catalyst with this capability is menadione, also known as vitamin K3.

There is substantial research in both rodent and human studies that demonstrates that supplementing intravenous vitamin C therapy with injectable vitamin K3 increases the effectiveness of the therapy on cancer cells. Researchers have played a pioneering role in demonstrating the potential of the vitamin C/vitamin K3 combination in cancer treatment. Source:

has anyone used this therapy?

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