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Why We Started This Forum

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Sat Jan 17, 2015 7:26 am

This Forum is devoted to finding the best way to extend a healthy human life span.

As people who normally visit this forum are probably aware, (while others with an interested in averting the aging process might not be), a little known secret is that Vitamin C is the Secret Weapon in anti-aging and apparent age reversal.

If a person hasn't corrected their GULO genetic defect, and are only taking the small amounts that avoid immediate death from frank scurvy, no anti-aging strategy is going to be that valuable. The amount that Linus Pauling took daily was 18,000 mg and he lived to the age of 94.

As Pauling told us, the way to live longer and feel better, is to adopt a daily high vitamin C and high antioxidant regimen.

On the other hand, high vitamin C intake is not going to extend the human life span by itself. Perhaps the most serious issue we face is that every time one of our cells divides, the ends of chromosomes (called telomeres) shorten. We start life around 15,000 base pairs, are born with 10,000 base pairs, and as we get older, when there are less than 5,000 base pairs remaining, we age rapidly. This may be because cell replication becomes erratic or stops and all heck breaks loose.

Bill Andrews at Sierra Sciences is devoting his life to "curing aging - or die trying." He wants to find the cure now, not for our grandchildren and his company is devoted to that effort. We mention this because in Bill's book, Curing Aging, he points out that like Thomas Edison - through brute force - his company has been analyzing thousands of substances for their ability to elongate telomeres. An 100 score would represent a perfect expression of the telomerase telomere rebuilding enzyme. And his book points out, current "telomerase activators" on the market may score from 1 to 10 on their laboratory measurements, however, the highest score they have achieved so far is a 16 (a synthetic substance.)

They have licensed this substance to a New Zealand company and after 7 years of testing, they have produced a liposomal skin cream that performs beyond anyone's expectations (for only a 16 score). During their testing, subjects would apply the Telomerise cream to one hand, but not the other. The treated hand turned "young looking" while the untreated hand remained old looking. They just announced the product, and completely sold out in one day.

Our new company Immortal Cell Sciences with be the first distributor of this skin care product in the USA. We should have supplies and more information soon.
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