Taking TrifecTA (and cycloatragenol) and Noticing Changes

Discussion of the 2009 Noble Prize in Medicine, focusing on substances that reduce telomere shortening by activating the human telomerase enzyme

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Taking TrifecTA (and cycloatragenol) and Noticing Changes

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Meant to get back to you sooner but to say I'm busy is an understatement. My wife and I have been thinking about getting our telomere lengths checked. Probably in July or August somewhere here in the [deleted] area. I'm out of town a lot the next few weeks. It looks like we'll want to get a shipment of the TrifecTA about every two months. Two bottles seem to last us about two months.

As I mentioned before, we also take 50 mg a day of CrackAging cycloastrogenol and have seen differences in our skin and hair. Our hair seems to grow faster as do our fingernails. Have seen possibly slight darkening of a few grey hairs but nothing too dramatic. This actually was what we were hoping would happen first. If it was cost effective we would take more as we really want to see some reverse aging happen.

Have you any examples of people on even higher doses who have seen hair darken?

Also was curious what you think of Epitalon. It seems to be another way to lengthen telomeres. I've considered taking it on top of cycloastrogenol.

Surely with all the advances in science and where our understanding of what really causes aging and how to reverse it(theoretically), we can get this done.


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