David Sinclain and Lifespan

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David Sinclain and Lifespan

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Mon Jun 14, 2021 9:01 am

Youtube suggested this video and it is fascinating....

youtube direct link

Some hilights. First, Sinclair is age 50 and does look 12 years old :D I'm just saying..

Scientist have found another aging clock, other than the telomere clock, in the DNA that seems to have to do with methylation of our DNA. Sinclair credits a Japanese 2012 Nobel Prize winner with a major discovery about how that clock is "set", (4 important amino acids and/or proteins.) The claim seems to be that reversing that "clock" can actually rejuvenate the cell.

In the meantime, we learn that all his laboratories current methods of anti-aging revolve around putting a stress on the cell, activating "survival" genes which, like calorie restriction extends the lifespan of lab rats.

Pfizer attack to the contrary, resveratrol is a slight "poison" that does mimic calorie restriction. Sinclair takes about a gram per day of "98% pure' resveratrol.

Metoformin, too, is a slight "poison" to the body that also normalizes blood sugar and makes cells less insulin resistant. He does not take it on the days he works out.

The NI or NMR does (forms of vitamin B3) do increase NADH levels to those of marathon runners...

These are the three main things Sinclair himself is taking/doing... (Stupidly, he is also taking a statin drug.. nobody is perfect.)

His lab's Stage 3 research (now using viruses as the carrier of the magic proteins to rejuvenate old and damage eyes - almost converting cells to stem cells) - is fascinating.

youtube direct link
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