Crazed family succumbed to pressure of medicine being fallible

A discussion of Paul Marik's remarkable new therapy that cures a major killer in hospitals: Sepsis

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Crazed family succumbed to pressure of medicine being fallible

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Mon Mar 09, 2020 11:34 pm

I still love them.. Who Knew... Blumberg could have spent that money to give everyone a supply of vitamin C, for at least a month.. who knew

Elements of medicine knew. the so-called quackbusters.. everyone connected with them should be exterminated

Anyway, I am being forced to get out of dodge because my family thinks I have to be institutionalized to protect myself from myself. You cannot make this stuff up.. Their good intentions are a threat to my life and I had to get a restraining order on my Son.. Who wants the rights to this?

So, I will be incommunicado and if I happen to FORGET to sleep next to some predisone.. the room will start smelling.. I didn't die of the virus I didn't die ofthe virus.. well maybe I did, you also need hydrocortisone as well as vitamin C to fight the virus. A lot of hydrocortisone.. .ONLY ZERO VITAMIN C AND LOW HYDROCORTISONE CAUSES DEATH. News flash - YOU ALL MAKE CORTISOL (same thing) enough under stress if your adrenals are normal. God is having fun by making me the ONLY person on earth...

Republicans after the dust settles.. we may not be able to have primaries... IT WILL BE BLAMED ON TRUMP

If we do. Just put that CPAK Diamond and Sill interview on OANN up EVERYWHERE.. No need to do any other advertising.. The lowest ad buy, hurting the media will result in massive turnout - from not having to watch republican media adds. They will love republicans.. But you do need to post all Diamond and Sill stcich on the Vitamin C Foundation emergency channell. And you still say their isn't a god. I was an athiest 15 seconds ago. Not any more

meditate daily with Jared Rand/Circle of light

If you are brave, and using a steroid for pain relief, or have some prednisone lying around, please send it to Jerry popnowlin.. He'll be my store house until Chinese production comes back.. He should have a PO Box soon.. So start the Save Owen Fonorow GOFUND ME... anyone.. The funds we want are STEROIDS Why would I care one iota about a federal reserve note... Reminds me PUT $1000 somewhere save in your car NOW. Put a case of bottled water in your TRUNK now... BUy candy bars.. lots of candy bars.. Good for barter too. Might get a lot of gold if you trade you candy bars.
You know this is temporary and if a god by Easter. Oh and the most important, besides water - VITAMIN C.. go buy bottles of vitamin C.. he he

So President Johnson with Hoover's help Killed Kennedy, a side issue of the development of the US Biowarfare program. Read DOCTOR MARY'S MONKEY by Hassam. or start with Tent's it aint autoimmune its viruses . or the best yet - MEDICAL MEDIUM by anthony william.. DOWNLOAD ALL MM BOOKS NOW.. MY BOOK FOR AFTER THE CRISIS.. PUT $1000 IN YOUR CAR. WATER/C... GATHER GATHER.. May not be able to communicate with loved ones far away

US deep state took down the World Trade Centers 9/11.. I doubt George Junior knew.. He may be lucky from the recent movie VICE. what the deep state was back there

I know other things from the Farsight institutes remote viewing programs.. Fascinating my dear watson

Download the vision of your future, as you are loving your neighbors.. THE THRIVE MOVIE.. The Official version. DO THAT NOW.. Free energy.. No large banks. No way a government can control you.

Another great one Aaron Russo's FREEDOM FROM FASCISM.. he was killed by a bio weapon .. As was S. Schiff new mexico contressman getting to close to roswell

But wait theres more...

and the coup de grace.. The income tax is legal, but most of us don't qualify as taxpayers. Ripley.. You are telling the government that money you are not legally liable for is taxable. Sign the form, just learn what moeny by law creates a tax liability.. Download all
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