Lipoic Acid -Targeting Obesity

Focus on Hong Kong Dr. Leung's vitamin B5 discovery that megadoses of pantothenic acid maintain metabolism of a calorie deficit, leading to sustained weight loss without hunger, weakness or ketosis

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Lipoic Acid -Targeting Obesity

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When obesity and life extension research comes together.

Our research is on ways to increase and sustain the basic metabolic rate... So far PPQ, ECGC (Green Tea Extract) and Lipoic Acid improve the number and health of mitochondria.

Targeting Obesity

Lipoic acid has beneficial effects on the forces that cause us to gain weight and store excess fat. It works on brain areas to reduce appetite, food intake, and body weight.36-39 Lipoic acid also stimulates increased energy expenditure, burning excess calories by activating cellular energy signaling complexes.13,36

Overweight and obese people lose their normal sensitivity to insulin, resulting in ever-higher levels of blood sugar and advanced glycation end product–induced tissue damage. Lipoic acid improves insulin sensitivity and stimulates sugar uptake from the blood to help normalize sugar levels.40-43 In the liver, lipoic acid decreases fat production and accumulation, helping to prevent development of dangerous non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).44,45

Lipoic acid has been successfully used in patients taking medications that stimulate weight gain, such as antipsychotic drugs.46 Even in people who are only overweight (not yet obese), lipoic acid reduced body weight by 8% while shrinking waist size by more than 2 inches.47 In patients who are already obese, there was a 9% loss of weight and a decrease in waist size of more than 3 inches.47 ... ay/Page-01
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