Regarding other Medical Mediums in history...

The discussion of advanced medical knowledge now channeled through the Medical Medium Anthony William. This knowledge amounts to perfect Naturopathy. Knowing what causes chronic and other disease, the followers of Linus Pauling extend Naturopathy with human-based nutritional science Pauling called orthomolecular (right molecules) in therapeutic amounts.

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Regarding other Medical Mediums in history...

Post Number:#1  Post by ofonorow » Tue Feb 04, 2020 9:18 am

Thank you, Owen!

Regarding medical mediums, if you haven’t, you need to hear the story of Ze Arigo of Brizil (1921 to 1971, killed in auto accident) With no medical training at all, he performed hundreds of surgeries while in a trance and was able to diagnose illness in people in seconds. They threw him in prison for practicing without a license, but the prison officials let people enter the prison where he treated thousands of people who lined up every day to see him.
I have a 1840 encyclopedia that also references an individual who administered care while in a trance, and Edgar Cayce did the same.

Will follow Anthony Williams.

Thanks again!
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Re: Regarding other Medical Mediums in history...

Post Number:#2  Post by togian » Thu Jun 11, 2020 2:35 pm

I find Dr. Bill Bengston: quite interesting.
He met a medium in his college years and as it seems due to this friend- and partnership he also learned how to heal with his hands.
(He writes about it and describes the "technique" (which is basically doing nothing) in his book. Supposedly everybody can learn it.)

To take a couple steps back: Dr. Bengston wanted to research what was going on and initiated an number placebo controlled mice studies.
The first study:
2 groups of mice got injected with cancer cells (untreated usually 100% death rate in a certain number of days. I believe <35 days, if I remember correctly).
One group got treated "hands on". The other not.
In the treated group all mice got healed.
In the second group a couple mice died. Then the second cage was "visited" by bengston - and even he was not treating them, some of the mice who were already very sick made a turnaround and survived. He calls this "entanglement" - once they are "bonded" and thus become kind of part of the group, they get co-treated even if they are not physically near.

The "original" medium (sorry, forgot his name) was able to see where the sickness in a person was. Dr. Bengston, at least as far as I know, does not see it. He just treats it (lets the information or whatever it is simply flow where it needs to be).

They made a couple more fun experiments together:
- the medium was given one envelope at a time. inside was a name and a diagnosis. some of them were dummies. he managed to tell the diagnosis and when he got a dummy he said so (no sickness).

- Bill Bengston was handed envelopes - when the persons or animal whose name was inside the envelope had a sickness, his brainscan changed immediately. (a certain wave lengths became active).
(So if "something" is in need, this special brain activity turns on automatically)

I know it sounds like woo-woo. But the really interesting part (for me) is, that he was able to teach the technique to his students in college and they also were healing mice in experiments. So he could reproduce the effect a couple times. He calls himself a sceptic and has a really dry humor. I enjoy listening to him and reading his books/informations.
You can learn his technique by reading the book (or even reading his forum/watching his videos on youtube). It is easy to learn, but needs time and patience memorizing the cycling list.

Its really fun to play with, once one has managed to cycle the list.
(And other than AW who says that healers/mediums like himself are very rare, others (Dr. Bengston is just one of them) say everybody can do it. We just forgot how to. Specially in our western culture. In Austria I know a couple healers. E.g. one who can pinpoint exactly where and how large and how agressive a tumor is (many times proved right afterward with a scan).
But none of them is much into being present in media.

Greetings and have fun playing with it!

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Re: Regarding other Medical Mediums in history...

Post Number:#3  Post by dectiri » Wed Oct 14, 2020 6:42 am

Perhaps a decent idea of how to deal with these 'mediums' is The Institute of Noetic Sciences' where i've seen fully controlled studies on psychokinesis, telepathy... etc..... thoroughly credible... Cornell, Princeton, Edinburgh, etc

Even in Dr Robert O Becker [Body Electric and Crosscurrents] had pursued this 'electrical' nature in these medical puzzles when he encountered that some acupuncture points had physical validity in medicine... he observed the theater lights [only the DC kind] were affected by the work of a well known healer doing his stuff..

OTOH, have you seen any of the videos of
THE THUNDERBOLTS PROJECT [on youtube] showing that the ELECTRIC UNIVERSE is the solidly better concept than Einstein and the BigBang, Dark Energy, gravity as the organizing force for planets, stars and galaxies.. PLASMA PHYSICS has the demostrations and explanations...

and then there's Dr Rupert Sheldrake and his animal bonding with humans and other telepathic abilities..


I actually owe 27years of cold/flu-freeness to Edgar Cayce mostly with the neti pot and bicarbonate solution... ttyl

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