Studies: vits C/D lower blood pressure

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Studies: vits C/D lower blood pressure

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Re: Studies: vits C/D lower blood pressure

Post Number:#2  Post by yerrag » Tue Mar 27, 2018 4:56 am

The link above is no longer valid. But I'd like to share my experience with using Vitamin C and magnesium chloride in lowering blood pressure. My context: lead toxicity seemingly to affect my kidney, probably causing oxidative damage to it but mitigated by high uric acid levels, which act as an antioxiant to counter/reduce the damage. High blood pressure is induced as blood vessels in the kidney constrict in order to create hypoxic conditions that favor the production of uric acid. My blood pressure has steadily increased since around 2004, and I had no idea what was causing it until 2010, when a dmps (or it could be edta or dmsa, not sure) provoked challenge test revealed I have lead toxicity. I used both HMD Etox, which was cilantro-based, as well as PectaClear, an alginate-based product, separately. Both failed to reduce my blood pressure, and I gave up on them as effective lead chelating products. My blood pressure rose to as high as 240/140, but I wasn't feeling any headache nor discomfort, and I was refusing to take any prescription medication. It was my belief that the high blood pressure was the result of the protective mechanism, as explained above. But last year I tested for stage 1 chronic kidney disease, as based on my high protein/creatinine ratio in my urine.

Luckily, around that time I had come to know of Vitamin C and magnesium chloride as effective lead chelators. On November last year, I began to take a daily amount of 6.75 grams of l-ascorbic acid and 4.8 grams of magnesium chloride. Each were dissolved in 600 ml of water in a drinking bottle. I would take the l-ascorbic acid all throughout the day. And the magnesium chloride would be taken after each of the 3 meals, preceded by a piece of banana for added potassium. The banana was needed as less potassium intake would result in my Omron blood pressure monitor detecting irregular heartbeat, which indicated a mineral imbalance. The dosage of l-ascorbic acid was based on Cathcart's C-Flush Test. While for the magnesium chloride, I just followed the dosage rate of the member of Ray Peat Forum who was instrumental in me discovering the use of these substances.

From the start of November to now, I'm nearing five months on this protocol, and I have been able to show progress in reducing my blood pressure levels. I reckon this shows that this protocol has been effective in chelating lead out of the mitochondria of my kidney endothelial cells. At the start of November, my 7-day average blood pressure was 201/127. As of today my 7-day average blood pressure is 177/111. This represents roughly a 12% reduction is blood pressure. While the results may not seem that much (well yeah, you still have a very high blood pressure. call me next time when there's real news), for me it represents a breakthrough from all those years (twelve at least) of steadily rising blood pressure. And when I went for blood tests, my albumin/creatine urine test results showed I'm no longer stage 1 chronic kidney disease, and my uric acid levels have gone down as well, indicating to me that my kidneys needed less protection from oxidative damage, possibly as a result of lower lead toxicity from the effectiveness of the protocol I was using. However, it is entirely possible that partly or wholly, the lower uric acid level was indicative of the presence of vitamin C providing my kidney with protection.

I know I have ways to go from 177/111 to 120/80. But I'm taking it slow. I think 150/100 is within sight. When I get to my next milestone, 140/90 would just be around the corner, and at that point 130/80 is going to be like me riding a bike to the top of the hill and letting the bike take me downhill.

And when I get too impatient, I may turbocharge it and order some LivOn liposomal C. I know, I can make liposomal C. But I don't have the ultrasonic bath, and I don't know also where to get a high PC grade of lecithin The ones at Amazon don't seem to fit the bill. And I don't want to complicate things for now. I want to start with a proven product, since no one seems to be able to determine how much percentage liposomal C they're making. Just trying to narrow the scope of what I have to do.

I'm more interested in getting there and seeing what going back to 120/80 is going to do to me. Will I get a thicker head of hair? Will I become more virile? Yes, the superficial stuff. Even at my high blood pressure state, I seem to be healthy enough. I don't get sick with flu or fever (last one I had was twenty years ago already), and I'm only allergic to MSG. But that wasn't always the case as I was prone to allergc rhinitis. But somehow, over the years, I have resolved these issues not intentionally, but by making sure I check all the boxes I needed to check as far as addressing deficiencies in my diet, as well as avoiding the stuff I used to think was healthful for me. In the process, my metabolism has improved significantly. And with that energy, I have higher immunity levels. At the same time, I'm letting my body determine what is the priority. Is it my internal health or my external appearance, and I think my body has been making the right determination.

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