Latest info on Weight Loss - don't forget liver or fructose

Focus on Hong Kong Dr. Leung's vitamin B5 discovery that megadoses of pantothenic acid maintain metabolism of a calorie deficit, leading to sustained weight loss without hunger, weakness or ketosis

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Latest info on Weight Loss - don't forget liver or fructose

Post by ofonorow » Thu Sep 23, 2021 9:32 am

The reason I wanted to join was to ask a few questions on the B5 loading phase, I've started taking the 600mg B5 from now as it was mentioned this is reliable in the forum, and it also mentions its good to do a loading phase before starting to diet
so i wanted to ask how much and how long is the loading phase using
the now b5, and what to go to after etc

Our B5 product has amazing effects on workouts. But the amount of B5 recommended is several grams, not half a gram?

The promise of ketosis-free weight loss, on a low calorie diet is also a feature. (It turns out that up to 30%-35% of weight that a lot of people have isn't fat, its water weight -- caused by toxic livers that dump toxins they can't handle into the lymph. The body responds with adding water around the toxins.)

This means that keeping the liver healthy is vital to significant weight loss in many people, especially non athletes. A low calorie diet does help, because excess fats make a liver work harder.

The books to read are LIVER RESCUE by Anthony William, and also his book on CELERY JUICE, because all of the liver detox methods begin with fresh celery juice.

Another key point is that the sugar FRUCTOSE is the fat switch, it actually causes the liver to make fat (to store for the winter)!

See THE FAT SWITCH by Johnson, or watch

youtube direct link

(starting around minute 6)

Table sugar is half glucose (good) and half fructose (not good). NOW Foods sells dextrose (glucose without fructose) that you can use without fear of making fat in your liver. Reducing or staying off of table sugar (w/glucose) is wise, it is not wise to limit glucose.
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