Paleomedicina 2 parts fat to 1 part protein. Spiritual channeling

The discussion of advanced medical knowledge now channeled through the Medical Medium Anthony William. This knowledge amounts to perfect Naturopathy. Knowing what causes chronic and other disease, the followers of Linus Pauling extend Naturopathy with human-based nutritional science Pauling called orthomolecular (right molecules) in therapeutic amounts.

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Paleomedicina 2 parts fat to 1 part protein. Spiritual channeling

Post by lostsole » Tue Mar 01, 2022 12:38 pm

Hi all,

I was just reading this MM section out of curiosity. I've not read any MM books, but like many here I've done the rounds on several diet types spanning twenty years. The diets that made me the most sick, were first, raw vegan with juicing, then vegetarian with juicing at times. The diets that gave me personally the most improvement of my autoimmune issues, were carnivore/high fat, and/or paleo leaning toward carnivore.

So, with MM saying fat is bad at over 10%, I wanted to put out there, that Paleomedicina has been curing autoimmune via healing leaky gut, for many years and via 2 parts fat to 1 part protein. They have numerous studies they have done to show the results while testing intestinal permeability. Many other carnivore docs finding similar to PM's results. ... tipus=cikk

I'm not a fan boy of any particular diet. I've grown to realize how vastly different each of us are. Just my wife and I are complete opposite of what we can eat that makes each of us sick or better.

I just know juicing, and the other diets I mentioned were quite bad for me and throwing meat and fat back in helped immensely, while avoiding my list of foods I'm sensitive to or allergic to. (Which are nearly all plant based foods.)

Celery for instance, has some pretty nasty natural toxins if one has leaky gut or is sensitive to those toxins. I used to eat garlic cloves to kill any bugs in me and I had a horrific experience one time doing that, and will never touch garlic again. Another time I juiced a bunch of baby beets straight from my garden and got very ill. I've juiced cabbage and ended up with a migraine for days. Turns out I'm highly sensitive to glutamine in cabbage. On and on.

Anyway, I appreciate the positive notions about MM books and I will likely read one or two, but at the same time, I'm leery of what I've seen so far, because there's also plenty of evidence that points the opposite way.

Spiritual channeling

Regarding reading or listening to spiritual channeling, in that area I do consider myself a professional "listener." I've watched or read thousands upon thousands of channeled messages since 9-11-01 when I "woke up." What I've learned generally, is even from the best of the best of channelers, they are often at odds with each other.

One says, global warming imminent. The others say, mini ice age is imminent.
One says, our goal is to ascend and get off Earth for good. The other says, our goal is to keep reincarnating on Earth and ascend here in the physical body.
One says sternly, vegan is the only correct diet for humans. Others say, balanced with meat is correct.
One says aliens will come down and help us fix our problems. Others say, nobody will help us, we have to save ourselves.
On and on and on...

Also since 9-11-01, I read thousands of near death experiences at NDERF. That now twenty year study proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is an afterlife. (Although the NDE itself may not be what it portends to be, and may be a "trick" of various ET's to trap us in the incarnation cycle.)

The only way to know for certain about the afterlife being real, imo, without a natural psychic ability, would be to do the same or similar as I did. Reading a handful of nde's proves nothing to yourself. It takes hundreds or thousands to see the big picture, the absolute proof. However, I did write up an essay summarizing why and how.

The NDE study then led me to more so believe in the channelers that matched up to the NDE general info I gleaned. If the channeler I tried out did not match the NDE study, then I considered them fake.

If anyone is curious, the best channelers in my opinion, are as follows in order of how strongly I feel their info is real. (Obviously I can't prove if their info is real, it's just my feelings on it.) I've listened to countless others, but these are my regulars that I keep up with.

Barbara Marciniak who channels a Pleiadian group. (My current personal fav.)

Books: ... 592&sr=8-2
Current channelings: (Some pirated versions on Bitchute if you are cheap.)
Older channelings: ... 68w/videos


These are claimed to not be channelings, but rather direct messaging over PC, from Pleiadian forces. They have some very interesting and at times, disturbing information spanning several years.

Kryon through Lee Carroll. (I like his older stuff better than his newer material.)

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