Vitamin Overload

Any adverse effects of replacement vitamin C will be discuseed here. Topics include kidney stones, gall stones, oxidation, etc.
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Post Number:#16  Post by ofonorow » Sun Jul 02, 2006 9:31 am

Not bad, but in other words, there isn't a readily identifiable deficiency disease, or at least one that kills you like a deficiency of every other vitamin will.

In my mind, based on various inputs, including the World Health Organization (WHO), the vitamin E deficiency disease is heart attack.

What if vitamin E has become a "vitamin" for humans because of its ability to spare vitamin C?
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chemical imbalance in the brain

Post Number:#17  Post by jo » Sun Jul 02, 2006 12:41 pm

The person who consumes vit E and has sleep problems due to this consumption must have a chemical imbalance in his/her brain. This is my suspicion. The vitamin E has influence on this. The vit E changes the state of the dynamic chemical balance. But it is not garanteed, that in changing the balance everything goes in the right direction. Some chemistry goes fixed, some chemistry prevents sleep (goes into negativ direction). My suspiccion is based also on the vit B influence. Correction of this requires professional guidance (not from the orthodox pool of doctors!!!) I would suggest.

As I tried to correct chemical imbalancies in my brain (also with vit E - with as little as 50IU ) the first time, I got panick attacks in the dead of the night.
Now I can consume 2000IU without problems.


Brain Warp

Post Number:#18  Post by johnor » Sun Jul 02, 2006 2:40 pm


What did you do to get the body to accept 2000IU. I think I am gradually acclimating to the E. I have a couple of nights of good sleep and then I'm wakeful one night. I really would like to add the E to my regimen. It seems to work synergistically with the C in that I can go longer without my sinus symptoms returning. I also had to back off on the CoQ10 because the energy level just gets too high. If you can explain what you did to achieve your current dose, I'd appreciate it.

John :D


Graduality, Synergy

Post Number:#19  Post by jo » Sun Jul 02, 2006 10:55 pm

I think the magic word is Graduality.
With Graduality one can become accustomed to many things. Nature works on the theory of Graduality.
The other magic phrase is: "don't miss a component". By that I mean, you should take the whole spectrum of ingredients, because they work synergisticaly. If together, they are more powerful, then on their own added together.
e.g.: B-complex has effect of 1, vit E has effect of 1. So one would say, they have an effect of 2 if together. Actually if together, they have an effect of 3. That is called synergy.
So take the whole spectrum of nutrients. All of them will influence your sleep patterns I think.
(All vitamins, minerals, oils, proteinconcentrates). Make your experiments, and be very cautious. Become knowlegable by reading about them.
The trip is gonna be an expensive one.
Don't forget to raise the dosage GRADUALLY.
I added colloidal gold recently (very, very low dosage). (Gold colloid seems to be a big gun) - Gold ions -> dangerous toxin for nerves.
I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be a big gun if I didn't consume the others (Synergy, you remember).

And don't believe me, I've never been in a university for doctors, never healed anyone.
If you don't read about them, you are lost somehow.

Once again: I'm not a medical doctor, no healer. All I say is my opinion. No responsibility.

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