chest pain gone

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chest pain gone

Post Number:#1  Post by individual freedom » Thu Mar 09, 2006 7:24 am

my med history ranks as at the extreme end of desperate. i started using ascorbic acid about four months ago. i gradually added more of the elements of the pauling protocol as i felt better. i am now on the full protocol as described by pauling, and our host/friend owen.

i have not felt this good in over twelve years. my first mi was '95 last was '03. i have had five operations and my dr's have never been able to explain what was killing me. i had tried everything including strict vegan etc for five years straight and with no cheating. nothing worked, i just got worse. the ascorbic acid puzzle explains the 'missing piece'.

now i know. i also know i will probably live a healty life for several more years free of artery disease. can you imagine how i feel?


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Individual Freedom

Post Number:#2  Post by Dolev » Thu Mar 09, 2006 3:47 pm

Congratulations and thank you for sharing. It is important for individuals to pile up these personal experiences so that others will be helped, because there may never be large trials to "prove" our point. These reports will be heard by individual health practitioners and those in need, while the majority of doctors will say that maybe your chest pain isn't really gone since this wasn't a randomized controlled trial.


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Thank you

Post Number:#3  Post by ofonorow » Fri Mar 10, 2006 9:32 am

Thank you for the report. Any information on dosage, etc. would be appreciated by others.

I'll soon create a new public form for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.
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individual freedom

Post Number:#4  Post by individual freedom » Mon Mar 13, 2006 1:22 pm

This is my story about the article that describes what i am taking and doing now to stop chest pain and to stop what would be my fifth and possibly my final heart attack. i have already had five heart operations including a quad bypass and various stent operations, none radioactive thank goodness.

although i was doing everything expected of me i.e. following the Ornish plan which in my case involved being a strict vegetarian (vegan) for five years. (i did all this immediately after my first heart attack and quad bypass in 1995.) i was 41 years old in 1995. i continued to get worse.

i suffered three more heart attacks and four more heart operations, the last heart attack (my fourth) and another heart operation ( my fifth) in DEC. of 2003. at that time my Dr's recommended the possibility of a pacemaker/defibrillator be installed. they did not know what was killing me, but said they would be able to 'take care of me' with more operations! i declined to have an 'operation/test' that would result in maybe having a pacemaker installed. that was Dec. 2003.

last October of 2005 i did intensive research (on the Internet) to discover what i could do to stay alive. i was having more chest pain and i realized i was over due for another heart attack and operation (based on my previous ten years experience).

i discovered, or rediscovered what Linus Pauling had to say about heart disease. the 'powers that be' did a good job of influencing me to ignore Linus Pauling, describing him as a failing old man with a 'mental' problem who had once been a great scientist. they said he was wrong about vitamin c. i believed them.

i recently read all of Linus Pauling's books. i was very impressed and i finally understood my situation. this led me to search for more info on Rath, etc. i now consider Linus Pauling to be the greatest most significant scientist of this era. he really devoted a big chunk of his life and made the best effort to get the word out about ascorbic acid. fortunately for mankind he is not alone. Pauling was proceeded by great men and women in the study of vitamin c and that work continues with great men and women today.

the real issue now is how to get the word out about ascorbic acid. in my opinion Owen Fonorow may be making the greatest effort for this positive change with his website (along with other folks and the folks that post there). i point friends to his site often. is it our site?

the following article describes what i am currently doing in terms of vitamin intake, etc. thanks again Owen for a great article. i did slowly stop my statins and blood pressure meds etc. back around Nov. 2005. i started ten grams of c every day spaced out five times during the day about that same time. i felt so much better after a few weeks that i continued my research and the use of c and now follow this in full:


i have not felt this good in over twelve years!

i would also like to say that i have read some Atkins. he is one of the few doctors that recommends vitamin c and makes good reference to Linus Pauling. i was getting to be on the heavy side and decided to lose about thirty pounds to get to a weight that makes me feel and look even better. i have already lost thirteen lbs in one month. i don't feel hungry, ever, and i feel better by eating this way. I'm glad i did the vitamin c protocol before i did Atkins. i can say i definitely had my chest pain completely disappear with the vitamins as well as my thoughts of having another heart attack and heart operation. i will continue with c, etc.

one last word.

the effort to prevent the knowledge about ascorbic acid (vitamin c) getting out to the mass of humankind is in my opinion the greatest tyranny of all time. for that reason i would like to share one web site that deals with fighting tyranny of all kinds. ironically like my rediscovery of Linus Pauling, i needed to rediscover the greatest social technology ever created to oppose all types of tyranny. here is that website:

in closing i wish everyone life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,

richard (individual freedom)

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Post Number:#5  Post by Dolev » Mon Mar 13, 2006 10:23 pm


Ronald Wong

chest pain gone

Post Number:#6  Post by Ronald Wong » Wed Mar 15, 2006 4:59 pm

A heartening tale indeed........if you'll pardon the pun!

On the current crest of the media mania over the "atherosclerosis-reversing" miracle-drug Crestor, I have e-mailed the URL for Owen's well-written piece on The Cure For Heart Disease to the group site of my old schoolmates, amongst whom are a number of doctors, and at least one cardiologist.[/b]

individual freedom

Post Number:#7  Post by individual freedom » Tue May 16, 2006 8:06 pm

i'm still here. after all those mi's (heart attacks) and five heart operations!

i STOPPED taking my heart meds over six months ago.

i have been taking the vitamins and ascorbic acid that both linus pauling and owen have talked about.

my chest pain is still gone.

i feel like i will be able to live.

so many folks die without any warning.

i feel fortunate.

good wishes to you all.

richard (individual freedom)

Ralph Lotz
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Post Number:#8  Post by Ralph Lotz » Wed May 17, 2006 7:23 pm

Congratulations Richard!
Owen is a tireless champion of the great master, Linus C. Pauling.
"Unless we put medical freedom into the constitution...medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship..force people who wish doctors and treatment of their own choice to submit to only what..dictating outfit offers." Dr. Benjamin Rush

individual freedom

Post Number:#9  Post by individual freedom » Tue Oct 24, 2006 7:14 pm

thanks owen, for working to produce such a great web site re vitamin c.

it is one of the main reasons in my opinion, that i am still alive and feeling great!

about one year ago i was feeling like i was not going to be alive for very long.

a brief description of my serious medical condition is posted above.

today, after less than one year of following linus paulings vitamin c etc protocol, i am not only alive, but feeling beter than i did when i was in high school or jr. high!

if i told you about my physical exploits and total lack of chest pain most here might not believe it. my blood pressure is almost back to normal for the average American. hopefully it will drop even a little more. i look health, i feel health, i am healthy.

of the more important part of the protocol i am currently at 14 grams of c, 5 grams llysine, and 1 gram proline every day taken throughout the day.

and thanks to everyone here that posts both questions, and links to likely answers regarding good health.

thank you,

individual freedom (richard)

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Your Words are Important

Post Number:#10  Post by ofonorow » Wed Oct 25, 2006 9:42 am

Your words are important and your words will be responsible for helping people.

We've known for a long time that the only way other people hear about Pauling, and how effective his therapy is, is from people willing to tell their stories. So thank you!
Owen R. Fonorow, Orthopath® (Orthomolecular Naturopath)
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individual freedom

almost one year update after starting the Pauling protocol

Post Number:#11  Post by individual freedom » Wed Nov 29, 2006 7:11 am

Update Nov. 28, 2006

Background: 1995 first of four heart attacks, quadruple bypass, stent

Operations, five total operations to date. I declined a pacemaker

implant (TEST) in Dec. of 2003.

Continued problem: from 1995 to 2003 numerous heart attacks,

operations, feeling almost hopeless. I had tried numerous things that

my doctors recommended. I became a strict vegan, no: eggs, chicken,

fish, etc. did not smoke, etc. these practices were put into place

immediately after my first heart attack and quadruple bypass in fall of

1995 for a period of over five years.

On the edge of death:
chest pain, no energy, feeling of doom, fall of 2005. I

did not think I would be alive on Christmas or new year of 2005. my

health wasn't good, but I was in a steep decline at about the end of '05.

Rediscovery of vitamin c: I searched the Internet for anything that

would help me stay alive. I was desperate, too sick to work, no health


Course change: Pauling protocol. I don't know if I re discovered Pauling

before or after I discovered the vitamin c foundation web site. I

ordered all of Pauling's books at the local library and read them all.

this was about the beginning of 2006, or the end of 2005. many years

ago I remember seeing Pauling on TV. and hearing about his work with

Vitamin c. I also recall the media in general as labeling him in a very

subtle way a "kook". this probably caused me to not read his work back

in those years. I started taking ten grams of vitamin c every day,

spread out five times during the day, about the time i rediscovered

Pauling and read his books on vitamin c. I continued to find everything

I could about vitamin c. I learned on the vitamin c foundation about

other supplements. I also discovered the rich history of vitamin c

research. There were many people I read, including Dr. Rath. I was

soon taking as much vitamin c as I could tolerate, 18 grams, plus I

added some other supplements. Being a very skeptical person I only

started the Pauling protocol with ten grams of c and nothing else.

Currently taking each day, spread out:

vit. C 14 grams (had cut this down once before from 18 to 16)

Lysine 5 grams

Proline 1 gr

Natural E 2000iu

Q10 100 mg

B3 500mg, just recently raised from 250mg

B6 100mg (in the form of a super B complex)

Multi vitamin/mineral

vit. A 24,000iu

Argenine 1 gram

Magnesium 250mg

Vit.K 100mg

L Carnitine 250mg

Taurine 500mg

Omega 3 2000mg, just added this a week ago.

Sea Salt: Himalayan Pink (to season food)

The above is based on the following:

Biggest surprise: I was doing very hard physical work for over two

weeks just recently, lots of pain in muscles from head to toe...but NO


Recent blood pressure: 122 over 72, a big surprise and I thought it was

a mistake. I had just had a big dinner with friends a few hours before.

This may have caused the reading to be lower. My "usual" bp is around

135 over 79 and this is continuing to drop, without any bp meds, or any

heart meds in almost a year. I would like to see it 120 over 80. my

resting pulse is still high at 100. (My records indicate a bp of over 147 over 95 while previously on bp and heart drugs)

Weight: I have been of average height and weight all of my life. I am now fifty two years old. Not

until I read Atkins and started eating accordingly did I feel really

good with no hunger between meals or fatigue, like I always used to

experience. The major benefit seems to be a drastic reduction in

hydrogenated oil, etc. found in bakery and prepared food.

Other body changes: my skin has cleared up and looks great, I had a

small amount of acne on my face for most of my life. My joints are

less painful and more flexible. I feel much stronger and better than I

have in over twenty years!

Diet: two eggs for breakfast almost every day with some meat. I

minimize carb's due to reading and understanding the Atkins books. Most of my carb's now

are in the form of fresh green veg. or fruit. I tried his diet and

feel much better. I eat lots of meat, some fresh veggies, and lots of

water. I had given up refined sugar many years before my first heart

attack, but still had enjoyed sweet carbohydrate deserts.

Bad habits: although I no longer eat cookies and other bakery, I still

love pizza and ice cream. I will over do it on carb's on occasion and

feel worse for it. I read labels and try to avoid hydrogenated oil

(Check your pizza label) like the poison it is.

Future: health is great and getting better! I feel physically and

mentally great! I think I’m going to be ok! I have also found an interest in vitamin B 17 and will look into this.

I would count this website ( and the posters

on it, Dr. Levy's new book, other writers (forgive me for not

mentioning them all by name (the list is growing rapidly!), (but Owen

has provided a very good list on this website)and let us not forget Dr.

Linus Pauling who spent the last decades of his life in the study of

and publication of information about vitamin c and it's benefits to


thanks everyone,

for health and freedom,

individual freedom (richard)

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